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Video: Top STPM Scorer Not Offered Medicine & Dentistry Course at IPTA, Got Nursing Instead

A STPM top scorer who applied to nine different local universities to pursue medicine and dentistry was only offered a nursing course by one university.
Comments from Facebook:
Jeffrey She: go study oversea and dont come back

Raymond Ooi: U get so good why not apply to singapore a lots of big firm need you in singapre

Luntau S A Sombulan: GILA betul... hanya sbb dia budak Cina ? CELAKA !!! I remembered once a young fresh melayu doktor checked her patient using a pencil, just imagine, a doctor ???

Edwin Tan: they will kick out the brilliant and take in the donkeys, its normal

Kirinjit Singh: U will never get an enrolment here as you don't have Minah or Ahmad or Abu in your name..go overseas and make your life better!