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MDeC Supports Public and Private Universities to Bridge Talent Gap in Data Analytics Industry

Specialised data science programmes aim to address talent gap and rising demand for data professionals in Malaysia YBhg Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is giving her welcome speech during Big Data Week 2015. KUALA LUMPUR, 21 April, 2015 – Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), lead agency in driving the National Big Data Analytics (BDA) Initiative, today announced support from seven public and private institutes of higher learning in Malaysia to offer data science courses to university students, graduates and working professionals for careers in data analytics. To support and facilitate the demands of the local Data Analytics industry, these universities will be offering undergraduate and post-graduate data science and computer science courses with data and business analytics specialisations, starting July 2015 onwards. The institutes of higher learning are Asia Pacific University (APU), Malaysia Multimedia Univer

Questions, Rubric & Guidelines for SPM Additional Mathematics Project Work 2015 Perak

Looking for add math project answer? Enter your email address now to get answers of add math project work 2015! Soalan & Rubrik Kerja Projek Matematik Tambahan Perak 2015 Soalan – KPMT Perak 2015 Questions – Perak Add Math Project Work 2015 Rubrik KPMT Perak 2015 Rubric – Perak Add Math Project Work 2015 Garis Panduan Kerja Projek Matematik Tambahan Perak 2015 Add Math Project Work Guidelines For sample add math project work or answer, please discuss it at SPM Student Malaysia forum SPM Form 5 Add Math Project Work Sample Answer . Feel free to upload your answer or sample add math project to the forum too.

UPSR 2015 Date, SPM 2015 Exam Calendar & PT3 2015 Test Dates

2015 PT3, UPSR & SPM Exam Calendar / Examination Dates ( Kalendar Tarikh Peperiksaan SPM 2015, PT3 & UPSR ) Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (Ulangan) (SPMU) Exam Date Written: 8 - 11 June 2015 (Monday - Thursday) Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) 2015 Date - SK, SJKC, SJKT Written: 8 - 10 September 2015 (Tuesday - Thursday) Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM 2015) Exam Date Oral: 27 - 30 July 2015, 3 - 6 August 2015 Written: 9 - 21 October 2015, 26 - 27 October 2015 Tarikh Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) 2015 Test Dates Ujian Bertulis Dan Lisan, Ujian Bertulis, Pelbagai Instrumen (Tugasan Bertulis / Ujian Amali / Projek / Kajian Lapangan / Kajian Kes / Persembahan / Demonstrasi, dll) 12, 13, 15 October 2015: Ujian bertulis 4 - 28 August 2015: Bahasa Melayu & Bahasa Inggeris Ujian Lisan (Bertutur) 11 August 2015: Bahasa Melayu Ujian Lisan (Mendengar) 12 August 2015: Bahasa Inggeris Ujian Lisan (Mendengar) 21 June - 3 July 2015: Ujian Pelbagai Instrumen Geografi

Meet the Data Scientists @ Big Data Week 2015 KL

Meet the Data Scientists @ Big Data Week 2015 KL Data Scientist: The Hottest Job of the 21st Century Data Scientists are highly sought-after professionals with curiosity to make discoveries in the world of big data. Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is organising a meet and greet session with a panel of data scientists and our local university students and academics, in conjunction with Big Data Week 2015 @ Kuala Lumpur. The data scientists and experts include: 1. Jothi Periasamy, Chief Data Scientist, Harvard Innovation Lab, Harvard University 2. Akmal Chaudhri, Big Data Analytics system architect and Data Scientist 3. Jenna Yang Wan Jun, Data Scientist at Intel, Malaysia 4. Richard Stirling, International Director, Open Data Institute 5. Dr. Charm Toa, Managing Partner, Big Data Elite Asia Joining the session are Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood, CEO of MDeC and Ir Dr Karl Ng, Director of Innovation Capital, MDeC. Dato’ Yasmin will speak why Malaysia needs more data scient

Melbourne Business School Opens the First Asia HQ in Kuala Lumpur

From Left: Professor Zeger Degraeve with Rod Smith Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia at the opening of Melbourne Business School HQ in Kuala Lumpur MELBOURNE BUSINESS SCHOOL OPENS ASIA HEADQUARTERS IN KUALA LUMPUR AS ASIAN STUDENT REGISTRATIONS DOUBLE IN LAST FIVE YEARS 2 April 2015, Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne Business School (MBS), repeatedly ranked as Australia’s top business school for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Executive Education, opened its headquarters for Asia here today. Clients headquartered in Asia now make up 12 percent of MBS’ total client base. Between 2010 and 2014, the number of Asian participants for MBS’ Executive Education open enrolment programs have doubled. Meanwhile, revenues from Asian clients who have adopted MBS’ customized programs have jumped almost five-fold over a two-year period, between 2012 and 2014. “We already have a strong Asian student base but we are expecting it to  grow in tandem with the region’s economic ex