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Twenty-four dead in early morning fire at tahfiz school at Jalan Datuk Keramat

Malaysiakini reporting on the fact that the school had no permit, fire safety cert to operate at premises:
Tragedi itu meragut nyawa 22 pelajar tahfiz dan dua guru tahfiz.

Sementara itu, Menteri Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan Tan Sri Noh Omar ketika ditemui di sana berkata, pusat tahfiz itu tidak memiliki sijil kelayakan menduduki bangunan selain telah diubah suai daripada struktur asal.

Beliau berkata Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat ada menerima permohonan sijil perakuan berkenaan daripada pihak pusat bulan lepas, namun masih belum diberikan kelulusan.

"Mengikut pelan asal bangunan itu, ia berkonsep terbuka, tetapi telah dibina tembok dan tidak ikut pelan asal.

"Bangunan ini juga belum ada kebenaran untuk beroperasi daripada pihak bomba," katanya. Dr Hartini Zainudin saying what needs to be said on Facebook: I am furious and outraged.
The tragedy which unfolded and the deaths of 25 children and teachers points again to unsafe premises and aga…
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Malaysian Students' Technology Conference (MSTC‎) @ Mercu UEM KL 12 & 13 August 2017

Malaysian Students' Technology Conference - MSTC‎ Date & Time: August 12 at 8:30 AM – August 13 at 2 PM
Venue: The Odyssey, Mercu UEM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Malaysian Students’ Technology Conference (MSTC) is a student-led initiative that serves to provide a platform for students to critically discuss and learn more about present-era technological advances and issues regarding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics. Under the banner of Young Malaysian Engineers (YME), and in partnership with TalentCorp Malaysia, MSTC 2017 has returned for its second instalment after the previous year's successful inaugural event.

Themed "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" this year, this event aims to provide further insight into the fourth major industrial era since the initial Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, which is described to be a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical…

The Common Challenges Students Face When Studying Abroad

Many of us dream of travelling world, exploring everything that this planet has to offer while embarking on the journey of a lifetime. This may seem like a pipe dream to some but to others, this is dream is transformed into a goal that is well within grasp. I’m talking about students. Studying abroad is one of the most fulfilling life-changing experiences you can ever undertake which is why an increasing number of students are getting involved every year.

So, you’ve planned your destination, you’ve enrolled in your course and you’re getting ready to explore the Great Unknown. Now what? Well, as with all things in life, studying abroad doesn’t come without its problem. To give you a head start so you can make the best out of your experience, here is a list of common problem most migrant students face and how to deal with them effectively.
Feeling Alone Easily the most common problem with students travelling abroad, it’s easy to feel like you’re an outsider. The people around you may be…

Primary School Student Physically Abused by Teacher, Yet Headmistress Defended Abuser

Malaysiakini: A police report has been lodged against a Mathematics teacher who allegedly heated a metal sharpener and placed it on a pupil's cheek after the boy played in the classroom during lessons. [...]

"He heated up the metal sharpener by vigorously rubbing it on the floor and when it became heated, he placed it on three different spots on my son's cheek. This caused blisters to the extent of the skin peeling off.

"The teacher did not stop there. He also slapped my son several times on the spot where the wounds were," Said claimed. This is so sickening! This teacher abuser must be sent to jailed on top of banning from ever becoming a teacher again. Glad that the parent has lodged a police report is determined that this incident must be brought to justice.

Tamiler Otrumai Kudumbum on Facebook:
Guru besar sekolah rendah kebangsaan Port Dickson hendak mencuba settle dengan ayah mangsa yang telah dipukul oleh cikgu, Pandai pula guru besar dia berkata kesian…

Report about Sexual Assault at University of Malaya (UM)

[Update: we do not link to the source forum post containing the leaked report as it contains the victim's full name and personal details]

From the leaked report:
I has been assaulted by another international student living in same resident on April 30 th in my room. I reported this incident to the authority in the University of Malaya called ISC, UM security, and the resident. Although I reported and I demanded for the safety of other students. Nevertheless, another incident by same person happened and that student who’s been attacked had gone back to his own country because of that. Today, I am writing this report to tell how University of Malaya treats its own international students and trying to warn others including new students coming in the future that they are not very reliable as they said “College reputation is more important than student’s safety.” One believes that the sexual assault incident is true from reading the full report and also news on this reported by variou…

Is the Malaysia Education System effective?

Do you think Malaysia's education system (from Form 5 to University) suits students well? Edison Ngu on Quora: As a Form 5 student this year, I would strongly say that the Malaysia education system is ultimately flawed. I do have one thing or two to say about it, though.

It is quite sad that to my observation, SPM (Malaysia Education Certificate/GCSE) is no far different from the ancient Chinese level one general exam.

Moral Studies is outdated. It has been decades since students are needed to memorise the 36 moral values. Even a single word misspelled or left out leave students with zero marks. If one doesn't memorise, don’t even expect a B+. Basically, it's rote learning (in China!) where we have to understand the content as long as the right moral values and definitions are matched to the questions.

The History textbook is poorly written. The arrangements of facts are in total snafus. Trying to locate a fact takes quite me sometime since it is flooded with fillers an…

Cara Unik Perkenalkan Diri Semasa Temuduga - Guest Post

Guest Post by Syed Shaff

Percaya tidak, tips untuk perkenalkan diri semasa temuduga, atau pun cara anda persiapkan resume untuk alam pekerjaan, memang kurang institusi yang akan beri fokus. Contoh di tempat pengajian saya dahulu, penekanan bergantung kepada salah satu subjek yang hanya meliputi dasar persediaan tips temuduga sahaja.

Lebih baik kalau dijemput penceramah yang bertauliah untuk berikan sedikit panduan dan tips terbaik untuk setiap pelajar dapat manfaatnya.
Keadaan Normal Sesi Temuduga Ahli Panel: Boleh kenalkan nama dan butiran diri anda.

Anda: Ya, nama saya Ali, umur 28 tahun. Sekarang bekerja di Osram, Pulau Pinang sebagai technician sejak 2013 lagi.

Ahli Panel: Minta kongsikan pengalaman atau peranan anda di Osram?

Anda: Di Osram, saya bekerja sebagai Proses technician. Antara tanggungjawab saya adalah menjaga ‘produk hold’ atau produk yang memerlukan untuk saya pastikan sendiri kualitinya.

Ahli Panel: bagaimana produk yang hold tadi boleh dikenal pasti?

Anda: Produk i…