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Perdana University Disputes Johns Hopkins' Claims: Failure of Johns Hopkins to Address Grievances of Perdana University

Full press release below:
We refer to the news report on the termination of the Perdana University relationship with Johns Hopkins effective 31st July 2014.

Perdana University is a wholly owned subsidiary of Academic Medical Centre Sdn Bhd (AMC).

Perdana University
AMC has to date paid a total of US$34.199 million to Johns Hopkins on account of Perdana University. US$5 million was paid towards the Swami Institute for International Medical Education established at Johns Hopkins University and a further US$29.199 million as part of the affiliation and collaboration agreement. The last payment made to John Hopkins was US$2 million on 7th May 2014.

AMC and Johns Hopkins are in dispute over whether any further sums are payable and the failure of Johns Hopkins to address the many grievances of AMC and Perdana University. The dispute will be resolved in accordance with the Affiliation and Collaboration Agreement with Johns Hopkins.

Perdana University has kept all relevant government agencies, the staff and students at Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM) informed of the developments.

The 80 students enrolled with PUGSOM are entitled to their rights and this includes a teach-out on the terms on which they were admitted into the programme. Perdana University will ensure that the rights of the students are not in any way compromised.

PUGSOM is the first school in the country to offer the US style four year graduate entry programme.

PUGSOM continues to operate seamlessly with both foreign and local faculty with no disruption whatsoever from the departure of the three Johns Hopkins seconded staff.

PUGSOM will continue to exist and grow even further in collaboration with another  leading top-tier US University, the identity of which will be announced  jointly in due course in accordance with the disclosure terms in the agreement with the new partner that was signed on the 11th August 2014.

Perdana University wishes to reiterate that it continues to enjoy excellent relations with its other partner the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) which operates the five year PU-RCSI undergraduate medical programme. The degree is awarded directly by RCSI from Dublin.  Besides this, Perdana University has been made the postgraduate examination centre for the MRCP Part 1 by the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland and MCAI MCQ by the College of Anaesthetists in Ireland.

Perdana University has within three years established the Perdana University School of Occupational Therapy (PUSCOT) to offer a BSc in Occupational Therapy and a School of Postgraduate Studies which offers a Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s and PHD in Bioinformatics and Translational Medicine.  These initiatives have been enhanced by our partnership with the Beijing Genome Institute and the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network (APBioNet). The APBioNet has since funded the establishment of its office at Perdana University.

We have also signed an Agreement with United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and Zurich University of Applied Sciences  to jointly offer a unique Master’s in International Trade Negotiations to commence in January next year.

Many other programmes and courses are being designed for the nation and other countries in Asia by our Faculty. The management aspires to make the University special and offer courses which are niche.

The University has attracted many Malaysians to return to serve the nation after having settled abroad.   This is due to the excellent teaching and research opportunities that are made available to them at Perdana University.

Within three years the Faculty at Perdana University have published a large number of scientific and peer reviewed papers in international and local journals. One of our local Faculty won the Merdeka Award Grant last year.

Perdana University will continue to grow even further and stronger with the separation from Johns Hopkins.