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Year Four Pupil's Cheek Pierced by Metal Rod at School Compound

Year Four Pupil's Cheek Pierced by Metal Rod at School Compound
School boy's cheek pierced by metal rod at school / PicCredit
The Star Online:
The culprit was a loose steel rod that was originally welded to the drain grating. As the boys were running all over the place, one of them stepped on the rod, which caused it to be jacked upwards.

Apparently, the boy, 10, was unable to stop in time, and ran into the metre-long rod with a diameter of about 1.5cm. [...]

The boy was admitted to the Likas Women and Children’s Hospital, where an operation was later carried out to remove the rod.
While it was obviously an accident, the question is it avoidable? How to prevent it from happening again?

Seem like there is much more school authorities around Malaysia should do to prevent future similar incidents. For example, examine all steel rods welded to the drain grating, put up warning signs to warn kids from playing around areas with high safety hazards etc.

What will you feel if you kids are the unlucky ones? Parents should proactively push the school authorities to do more instead of just expecting the schools to take precautionary actions.

Luckily, the last paragraph of the news report states "his condition is not serious, and he is warded overnight for observation".