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SPAD Suspended 27 Permits of Transnational Express Buses

Transnational Express Bus
The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is suspending the permits of 27 Transnasional express buses plying the East-North Sector effective Wednesday following accidents involving buses of the company.

SPAD chief executive officer Mohd Nur Ismal Mohamed Kamal in a statement here today said the decision was taken after audits found the company did not (sic) monitor speed limits, besides Global Positioning System (GPS) for the buses not functioning.
Transnational Express Bus was the most popular choice for students from East Coast of Malaysia to travel back to their hometown due to the facts that Transnational express buses were the most frequent (high frequency) and most punctual among other bus companies.

However, after Transnational's permit was suspended by SPAD, students will need to buy bus tickets from other bus companies. While we do not have any recommendation or preference for the time being, we would strongly advise students to not buy bus tickets from Etika Express too because of the recent bus accident. So, blacklist Transnational and Etika Express for your own safety.

The Star Online reported:
On April 12, a Transnational double-decker bus hit an electrical pole and overturned in Bentong, killing three passengers.

On Saturday (April 19), an Etika Express bus crashed into a road divider on the East Coast Expressway and flipped over, leaving most of its 28 passengers injured.[...]

(On April 20) A double-decker express bus plunged down a slope along the Kuantan-Segamat trunk road, near Pekan, causing the death of a passenger.