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Universiti Malaya (UM) Constitutional Day 2017 was a Success with 90+ Participants


This year, the Federal Constitution marks its 60th anniversary since it was introduced in 1957, following the achievement of independence of our country. Therefore, the UM Consti Team hosted its primary annual event at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya to celebrate this significant milestone of our Supreme Law of the land on 16th of April. The event theme was 60-Year Milestone of Constitutionalism: Are Your Rights all Right?

More than 90 participants, ranging from students of secondary school, matriculation, universities and colleges as well as others joined us together. The event was also graced by our sponsors with the Deputy Dean of UM Faculty of Law, Dr Nadhratul Wardah Binti Haji Salman. The event officially commenced with the officiating ceremony, witnessed by the Director of UM Consti Team, Ms Wong Kar Ling and the Organizing Committee (OC) President, Mr Neoh Kai Sheng.

The mood of the audience was quickly alleviated once the Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee, took over the stage to conduct a workshop about our Federal Constitution themed Back to Basics. Following th workshop was the Forum entitled with the topic: Balance between The Freedom and Limitation. It was our great honour to invite Constitutional Law expert and human rights expert to speak on the articles of Federal Constitution.

After lunch, a number of academic discussions themed The Anatomy of the Constitutional Institutions: Structure, Duties and Powers were conducted where participants were divided into small groups to ease the tutoring and encourage the participants to voice out their questions and opinions. With the help from third year and final year students of UM Faculty of Law as facilitator, the discussion was fruitful and beneficial to all participants. Finally, the event ended with a closing ceremony, whereby the OC Vice President gave a speech to sum up the event.

We sincerely believe that this one day programme achieved its aim to raise awareness and educate the people, not just law students, on the roles and mechanics of the Federal Constitution, and how the Supreme law of the land protect our fundamental liberties. The UM Consti Team will strive to be better and play its part to promote constitutionalism through more likewise events in the near future.