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5 reasons why people "invest" in money game & why you should not judge...

Savwee Investment: If you have friends who have been scammed, read this:

JJPTR is not the only money game that collapsed lately. In this domino like collapse, many "Investors" have lost all their savings.

One told me "I thought if I would diversify among these money games, I would be safe. They said they are "investing" for us by doing business & trading forex and there is monthly return, so it seems legit".
JJPTR Get Rich Quick Money Game Scam
JJPTR Get Rich Quick Money Game Scam
First of all, you have to understand the money game operator's strategies:
  1. Give them a believable story.
  2. Give them proof that the concept work.
  3. Give them some sweet reward upfront.
  4. Ask them to invest only small amount.

Why those strategies?

Because they know, if you invest small first, the resistance is low, and when you make some money, you will come in big. That's when they shut down. They also create a story that you WANT to believe. "I am here to save ordinary human".

For the trained eyes, It's obvious that this is a scam. However.. I completely understand why people would believe in money games.

1. They are desperate.

Malaysia's economy is not as good for the middle class and small business operators. (Many really struggle with the implementation of GST). I've known people who sold their business & remortgaged their homes to invest in these money games (only to lose it all). People are desperate to try anything that promises to change their life for the better. Yet, they do not know how to invest in proper investments like property or stocks or have much knowledge in business. What else can they do?

2. Greed & Peer Pressure.

20% per month return. Who doesn't want it?

These people put you into wechat groups and share "motivation" message, jokes on how much they are making from this scheme & how stupid are the "non-believers". It reinforces group thinking and incite greed. They even dare to use quotes from Jack Ma to justify why this "opportunity" is good for them. These people have got the story half right, they are right about the importance to invest & do new things, but wrong method.

Instagram & Facebook also plays a role here. So many young people are flashing how good their life is, travelling first class, driving sports cars, having lavish dinner and etc. This creates imbalance in the heart of those who have not and fuel the desperation to try anything that can help them. "Forex" is used as the story because people think traders make money very quickly. Just type forex on instagram and you will find tons of "forex millionaires"(pretenders)

3. Low capital requirement, high return.

Most people think to invest in anything else, you need a huge capital. That is not true but it's commonly believed. So this "opportunity" that require small capital seem to be their only option.

4. Lack of experience.

Anyone who is a professional investor or businessmen will know. It is impossible to make 20% per month consistently. The greatest investors in the world make 20-30% per YEAR. The best businesses make up to 40% per year return on equity. To have a 20% return per month is simply laughable for experienced investor.

The average folks do not know this.

5. "Second Chance" to make it.

Many of the investors are not longer young. One hidden motivation they have when they "invest" in these money games is, they are looking for a second chance to "make it" in life & in business. They want to be respected as an independent human being.

None of the above conditions are their fault.

In fact, if they "invest" in these money games, it likely reveal they have some unresolved inner stuggle. It is simply natural for someone in that condition to resort to extreme measures, even though deep down, they know it is too good to be true. Therefore, I urge you to treat those who were scammed with compassion rather than make them feel worse about themselves.

If they feel worse about themselves, the 5 reasons above will be strengthened and they will go through the whole ordeal again when a new "opportunity" arises. However, if you really want to help them, you will tackle the inner struggles they have by giving them time, love and compassion.