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On Saving 1BestariNet / Frog VLE by Forcing Teachers to Accept FREE YES Mobile Phones

Nanyang Siang Pau (written in Chinese, Google Translate English Version):

Why should you save the frog?

The past two years because of the Ministry of Education's frog program (VLE Frog) is not used to question the abuse of the currency thing, to today, in fact, yet to end. We can not imagine, the Ministry of Education in order to prove its function in the education sector, the incident, with a hard way to teachers and students squeeze into the frog pool swimming, but because the speed as a turtle, the results are not effective.

Later, and then spend a huge sum of money, to the national teacher one by one "is (YES)" mobile phone, also provides mobile data, be sure to teachers into the pool activities.

Sign a sign of disguised threat

First of all, the phone touch screen slow response, according to a letter, often by a few times Caixing, this is not to say. The teacher said that the teacher had a phone call, the conditions on a lot, including the phone if not call the police, make compensation; once the teacher retired or suspended must be the original wall to Zhao, must also even the box with plastic bags are returned.

In other words, you took a phone call and you had to find a place to put its box and the book 'live'. If you are too troublesome, do not take, nor line, the relevant departments ordered all the teachers must take, and then sign the consent. This is simply a threat to disguise. Some teachers, took the phone, for the trouble, directly to it cold up, completely unnecessary. Imagine: you use or not, the data fee or have a month also ah! This is not also a waste?

Besides, how long is the life of the phone? People who have used smart phones know that the short 2, 3 years, long 7-8 years, the phone will have to reimbursement. Those who have more than ten years before the retirement of the teacher, when I am afraid to be the body of the dead body, right?

Teachers have a phone call, the authorities found that the overall use of the school is still not high, to start from top to bottom pressure activities. (Sometimes, I admire the obedience of the teachers, as long as the instructions, always obediently.) So, the school all the teachers to fill the form on the frog pool, ask the teacher to download the completed, then upload, increase the frog pool The use rate.

For me, this approach is neither practical nor a waste of time and resources, because even if the teacher completed, upload the form, most of the teachers still afraid of the computer system problems, print collection, which caused the waste of paper, and The original advocacy of the use of the network, saving the concept of environmental protection runs counter to.

In view of such a frog action, still ineffective, and then ordered the teacher every two weeks, in the frog pool design homework so that students into the pool to complete, answer and then upload the answer, let the teacher. Well, this is not a bad thing, the problem is that students can not be called to help him complete and then upload? If the students really do this kind of practice, the teacher also took the time to change, practice the homework will naturally reduce, this is normal.

Wasting teacher time spirit

At this time, the school has another set of mechanisms to check the teacher to the students homework practice is sufficient, the practice of the lack of practice but also be asked. In the end, this network practice is superfluous, just wasting the teacher's time spirit. Some people say that students can be asked to print out their homework as evidence, so the meaning of network teaching section where? I have not understand that these homework can be in the teacher to the students face to do things, but by the network to be carried out, not superfluous it?

In order to save the frog, we are doing no contribution, no efficiency. Because done and did not do, for the success or failure of education is not related. When the teacher in order to work for the network and no time to teach students that some moral sentiment, such a "frog" action, there is meaning?
1BestariNet / Frog VLE is a complete failure no matter how government tried to save it - including making it compulsory for teachers to accept and use the free YES smartphone. This is not a regular user adoption problem in any technology project roll out. One can only guess the only reason this project is still ongoing despite heavy scrutiny from teachers and public is some behind the scene deals and benefits that benefited only a few. All signs pointing towards a failed project from the start:
1BestariNet Frog VLE
1BestariNet / YES Frog VLE

About the 1BestariNet Project

The 1BestariNet project is an effort to connect over 10,000 government schools across Malaysia to the Internet with our YES 4G connectivity and to provide an online learning platform with the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) that is simple, fun, and engaging. Malaysia is the first country in the world to connect all its schools on a single learning platform. To date, we serve over 10,000,000 people - 5,000,000 students, 500,000 teachers and 4,500,000 parents.

About the Frog VLE

As part of the 1BestariNet project, schools all across Malaysia are provided with the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), free of charge. The Frog VLE is an easy-to-use learning platform and a gateway to a plethora of educational resources and cool apps from around the web.