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JPA Scholarships/KPM Bursaries only for Local Studies

Malaysiakini: The Public Service Department (JPA) will only provide bursaries for students to study locally, either at private or public universities, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said today.[...] The JPA Bursary Programme is open to students who have completed their pre-university examinations (the STPM or A-Levels) while the JPA Scholarship Programme is for SPM leavers. Najib said scholarships will also be given to 8,000 students pursuing their undergraduate degrees locally. Only 200 students will receive scholarships to study engineering degrees in Japan, South Korea, Germany and France, he said in his speech when announcing the 2016 Budget revision in Putrajaya. However, the top 20 SPM scorers will receive scholarships to study anywhere in the world, he added. JPA Scholarships / KPM Bursaries Really terrible news to those previously offered KPM bursaries expecting to further study overseas.

Permohonan Kad Diskaun Pelajar KTMB i-Card Student Discount Card Application

Update: There is currently a 50% discount promotion of annual fee for KTM iCard Student application submitted by 4th February 2016. Application of KTMB i-Card Student ( Permohonan Kad Diskaun Pelajar KTM iCard ) Term and Conditions of KTMB i-Card Student School (Form 6), College/University student in Malaysia. Annual fee RM31.80 (GST inclusive). Supporting letter from school (form 6), college/university must be attached. Valid for one year from date of issue or after the end of studies, whichever is earlier. Term and Conditions of  Concession Ticket Card holder eligibility for concession ticket subject to item 2.3. Purchase of concession ticket at KTMB counter only. Term and conditions of KTMB i-Card Student Date of travel does not exceed 30 days from date of purchase. Concession rate is 40% from adult traveling fare. Eligible for all type of coach. Cancellation of ticket and amendment of date and/or coach type and/or train is allowed subject to term and conditio

SACE International (South Australian Certificate of Education / previously known as SAM) Information Sheet

SACE International SACE International is an internationally recognised pre-university program. SACE International is administered by the SACE Board of South Australia, an independent, statutory authority of the South Australian Government. The SACE Board is responsible for curriculum development and accreditation, assessment, reporting, and certifi cation for the fi nal years of upper secondary education. Students receive the South Australian Certifi cate of Education (SACE) on successful completion of the program. SACE International (formerly known as the South Australian Matriculation (SAM) program) has been available to colleges in Malaysia since 1982 and to colleges in China since 2005. A total of 35,000 students have successfully completed the SACE International program and have enrolled in universities around the world. The Advantages of the SACE International Program The SACE International program offers: an opportunity for students to study in their own countr

PSD Scholarships (Biasiswa JPA) or KPM Bursaries Suspended Due to Budget Cut

Borneo Post Online: Later, Fatimah told the media that bursary scholarship holders, whose Public Service Department (JPA) scholarship applications were postponed, had been urged to look for other funding alternatives to further their studies. She admitted that it was a pity for these top students that they had to face this stumbling block. She, however, suggested that they could either apply for scholarships elsewhere, or take up part-time jobs. “On the state government’s side, we have Yayasan Sarawak and Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman that offer scholarships, but the students have to sign up for courses as agreed, based on the needs in the country,” she said. According to a recent news report, the applications for overseas scholarships by bursary scholarship holders had been postponed without any prior official notice. The article, which was a follow-up of a complaint by a parent of a recipient, stated that those affected had completed their A-levels. When contacted, the mini

12 Official UPU Online Application Tips (Permohonan UPU)

12 Official UPU Online Application Tips (Tip Rasmi Permohonan UPU Online) Buy unique BSN ID number priced at RM15.64 inclusive of GST Beli no. unik ID BSN berharga RM15.64 termasuk GST   Confirm your category (SPM/STPM/Matriculation/Diploma) Pastikan kategori anda (SPM/STPM/Matrikulasi/Diploma)   Visit official UPU portak at Buka portal rasmi UPU di   Next step is to check the e-guide requirements carefully Langkah seterusnya semak syarat e-panduan dengan teliti   Fill online application Isi permohonan online   Confirm that you completely fill all fields marked with * Pastikan anda mengisi setiap maklumat yang bertanda star dengan lengkap   Choose 12 choices according to preferences Pilih 12 pilihan mengikut keutamaan   Fill completely Isi sampai habis   Click "confirm & send" Klik "sah & hantar"   Print the application slip Cetak slip permohonan   Keep the application slip as proof of application submi