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IMU Science Discovery Challenge and Chemistry Fiesta cast their spell on 600 participants

STUDENTS DISCOVER THE WONDERS OF SCIENCE The IMU Science Discovery Challenge and Chemistry Fiesta cast their spell on 600 participants Emeritus Professor Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Augustine S.H. Ong, President of Malaysian Oil Scientists' & Technologists' Association (MOSTA) spoke about his lifetime achievement as a scientist and the importance of chemistry in our daily lives during the ‘Future Direction of Chemistry in Malaysia’ forum. Kuala Lumpur, 30 June 2016 – More than 600 students from various secondary schools and Pre-University programmes around Malaysia took part in the IMU Science Discovery 2016 event recently, organised by International Medical University (IMU) in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry (IKM), Jabatan Kimia Malaysia, Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Pusat Sains Negara, Lembaga Getah Malaysia, Cancer Research Malaysia and Institute for Medical Research (IMR). (Left to right) Dr. Srinivasan, Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutical Che

MOE is discussing with Health Ministry on mandatory vaccinations for school students nationwide

Malay Mail Online: The Education Ministry is discussing with the Health Ministry over mandatory vaccinations for school students nationwide. Its Deputy Minister Datuk P. Kamalanathan said the effort was important to protect the students’ health. Really do not understand why on this day and age some parents in Malaysia resist the vaccinations for their kids and put their kids at risk of contracting acute deadly diseases.

Patients' Body Language Can Aid In Diagnosing Illness - Homeopathy Expert

Body Language of Patients Can Aid In Diagnosing Illness, Say Homeopathy Expert Cyberjaya, 24th June 2016 – In line with the Ministry of Health’s effort to gradually integrate Traditional and Complementary Medicine into the government and private healthcare sectors, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) organised a Professional Homeopathy Seminar Series at its Cyberjaya Campus with an aim to share the latest developments in homeopathic therapy with its practitioners. Prof. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, the Director of Homoeopathic Research Institute & Clinic, Satara & Pune, an Indian based expert was invited as a speaker at the seminar. He has had numerous experiences in speaking at globally organised seminars and known as an innovative practitioner of Homeopathy. Prof. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni said, “It’s an honour to be given this opportunity to share my philosophy with the local homeopaths and I trust everyone has had a new perspective of the practice”. He added

University of Malaya's Official Response to Allegations of Scientific Misconduct

University of Malaya (UM): On Saturday 11th of June 2016, the scientific community and the Faculty of Medicine were alerted to a scientific blog that highlighted a publication in the journal Scientific Reports by a group of researchers from the Departments of Pharmacology and Molecular Medicine alleging possible scientific misconduct. The publication titled “Novel piperazine core compound induces death in human liver cancer cells: possible pharmacological properties” published in Scientific Reports 6, 24172 (2016) was alleged to contain identical images and possible data manipulation. As a Research University, the University of Malaya does not condone any form of research misconduct. Allegations of research malpractice are taken seriously by the University’s management. On Monday 13th June 2016 the Faculty of Medicine convened a committee consisting of senior members of the Faculty chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine to conduct an in-depth investigation into these al

SPM Additional Mathematics (Add Math) Project Work Answers 2016

Enter your email address into the form below to join 50,000+ students who get all the latest SPM Form 5 Additional Mathematics (Add Maths) Project Work 2016 Sample Answers via email. You cannot afford to miss them! Join our email subscription list now! Jawapan Kerja Projek Matematik Tambahan Section A 1. Find big piece of paper, measure and cut it according to their required measurements. I wonder why can't they stick to an A4 size paper, isn't it much easier. 2. Put a cylinder in the other like below. 3. I have no time to buy popcorn, so instead i use 'Dynamite' sweets. And lots of them. 4. You pull out the inner cylinder and you will observed that Cylinder B has larger volume than Cylinder A. Quick direct and easy actually. 5. Here's the Section A - Add Math Project Answer & Working . It will be good for you to add in your own opinion and more detailed working and all. For 6, i use an excel spreadsheet, cause you can use formu

Australia's Westpac Bank Mistakenly Allowed Malaysian Student to Spend A$4.6mil (RM13.8mil)

The Star Online: A Malaysian student in Australia charged with allegedly spending A$4.6mil (RM13.8mil) mistakenly given to her by a bank may have moved A$5,000 (RM15,000) a day to secret bank accounts around the country. The Daily Telegraph reported that Christine Jiaxin Lee apparently siphoned off A$33,000 (RM99,000) a week to private accounts at banks not affiliated with Westpac, the bank which had mistakenly allowed her to spend A$4.6mil (RM13.8mil). Christine Lee Jiaxin was arrested while trying to fly to Malaysia on an emergency passport. These hidden stashes are thought to total A$1.3mil (RM3.9mil) but the transfers were small enough not to raise red flags for the bank. It was also reported that a significant portion of the remaining missing A$3.3mil (RM9.9mil) may have been moved overseas or already spent. The 21-year-old chemical engineering student had been given an unlimited overdraft when she opened a bank account with Westpac Bank in August 2012. She then s

Universiti Majlis Amanah Rakyat (UniMara) Putrajaya Campus to Open in September with 800 Students Intake

Free Malaysia Today: Universiti Majlis Amanah Rakyat (UniMara) akan mula dibuka di Kampus Putrajaya dengan pengambilan pertama seramai 800 pelajar, September ini. Pengerusi Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara), Tan Sri Annuar Musa berkata buat permulaan, kumpulan pelajar berkenaan akan mengikuti pengajian peringkat diploma dan ijazah pertama melibatkan kursus kemahiran dan vokasional. “UniMara merupakan institusi pengajian tinggi swasta (IPTS) yang diwujudkan menerusi perancangan teliti Mara dalam membantu kaum Bumiputera di luar bandar mempertingkatkan taraf pendidikan mereka,” katanya. Why make it a private university when it is fully funded by the government? Why is there a need for UniMara when there are already so many campuses of UiTM nationwide? If UniMara is for skill-based and vocational courses, will the university goals and courses offered overlap with numerous existing polytechnics in the countries? More info: Annuar berkata walaupun UniMara merupakan sebuah IPTS, segala kos p