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Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) / Malaysia National Service (NS)

Malaysia National Service ( Program Latihan Khidmat Negara, PLKN ) NS 2014 Namelist Check ( Semakan Kemasukan PLKN 2014 Online Dan SMS ): Online ( Semakan calon/pelatih terpilih PLKN 2014 secara online ) Link: Link: Link: SMS ( Semakan Calon PLKN melalui SMS ) Type: PLKN semak [Your IC Number] send to 15888 National Service NS Trainee Experience Sharing ( Pengalaman Peserta PLKN ): Deadly National Service Malaysian National Service (Khidmat Negara) National Service (NS) Experience National Service / Khidmat Negara (PLKN) 2012 Name List and Exclusion Categories National Service: Boon or Bane

Teach for Malaysia Confession: A Vocation Like No Other

R. Nadeswaran wrote on the Sun Daily: Without the hard work and toil by teachers, we would have had a soulless society. They are the backbone of a nation – responsible for moulding the minds of students and shaping their future. If there were no teachers, our society wouldn't have progressed. They are the ones who educate the society and make us all better human beings. Knowledge, patience and courage are some of the more required qualities of teachers. When teachers take on children of different backgrounds and teach them the basics of life and make them better human beings, they play several other roles. Ever since receiving the email which was forwarded over the weekend, I have been wondering if it ought to be replied and what kind of advice ought to be offered to the writer. I have personal attachments and sentiments for the Teach for Malaysia (TFM) programme which was launched by a small group of young graduates three years ago. Alina Amir, a TFM teacher poured her h

3 SUKMA Athletes Suspected Gang Raped at UPM Sport Village

Bernama: Police will record statements from all individuals involved in the alleged rape case reported at the sports village in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) last Wednesday. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Mohd Zinin said investigation was in progress and statements from those concerned would be taken to facilitate the investigation. News report said that the drunk victim claimed that she was gang raped by three SUKMA athletes at UPM Sport Village. Be careful ladies, university is never a safe heaven, especially when alcoholic drinks were involved.

Malaysia Matriculation Programme - Meritocracy Within Quota

Bernama: The selection of students for the Education Ministry's matriculation programme is implemented in accordance with meritocracy based on the calculation of merit points. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the merit points were calculated based on the combination of 90 per cent for academic achievement and 10 per cent for co-curricular participation. Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said the selection of students was done through computer screening based on the correct and complete information received from them in their applications. [...] Muhyiddin said the matriculation programme was not exclusively for Bumiputera students, but was also open to non-Bumiputera students with a quota of 10 per cent allocated since 2003. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is also Education Minister proudly claimed that selection of students for matriculation programme are based on meritocracy. Perhaps he meant the hybrid "meritocracy within

Graduates Had Little or No Hands-on Industry Knowledge - Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir

Bernama: The gap between graduates' knowledge and industrial needs must be addressed by industry players and educational institutions so that graduates can meet the needs of all industries, says a prominent corporate figure. SapuraKenchana Petroleum executive vice-chairman Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir said many well known universities produced graduates but most did not have what was needed to excel in their careers. [...] "There is high demand for engineers in the oil and gas industry but not many graduates are willing to get their hands dirty but instead prefer office work." This is indeed very true nowadays. What the students learn in the university are usually too general. When the graduates start to work, they usually experience a difficult time overcoming the stiff learning curve due to lack of domain knowledge of the specific industry. Time for revamp of degree curriculum to include current industry needs and knowledge.