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Learning the art of self-learning when studying abroad

Humans of Kuala Lumpur
Humans of Kuala Lumpur:
When you are studying overseas, the studying and teaching style is very different. Back in Malaysia you just need to memorize the notes given to you by your lecturer or teacher and you will be able to get good grades! But if you come here, and rely only on the slides given, you will not be able to pass an exam!

Here, they encourage us to give our on opinion on subjects, to debate, and promote self-learning. You need to read more publication papers in order to present your evidence towards whatever you are required to write, which I find difficult at first but its very useful as I have to do more thinking than let the teacher do the thinking for us. I'm actually able to discuss more serious topics with my friends and able to learn a lot more skills.

But at Malaysia, us students can be quite manja (spoilt/pampered) because for the exams everything is given to us, and I feel like we don't really do a lot of thinking. I do appreciate the hardwork by my teachers and lecturers back in Malaysia to make sure we don't fail, but some students are still manja and still 'malas nak baca nota yang kalau baca confirm lulus exam' (lazy to read the notes which if you do, you will pass the exams). But here we all have to rely on ourselves. Belajar sendiri itu penting so cari more information sendiri. Kalau tak memang fail. (Learning proactively is important, if not, you will fail).
Seems like a good response to major problems of being a Malaysian student studying overseas.