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UiTM Got Caught Stealing British Grads' Thesis

The Star Online: Fifteen University of Bath graduates have accused University Technology Mara of intellectual property theft after discovering that their MBA thesis papers had been uploaded to its Institutional Repository (UiTM IR). The fifteen students, from four groups of graduates of the 1994 Bath Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA)-Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) programme, claimed that their thesis papers had been used without their consent. This says a lot about how University Technology Mara (UiTM) views copyright of intellectual property and to an extent on plagiarism. The 58-year-old consultant, who completed his group thesis paper for his MBA 22 years ago, found that it was uploaded to UITM's IR. "What was more puzzling was that our thesis had the UiTM logo and copyright mark on their paper. "In the preview, you can see the UiTM logo clearly placed on the front of the project page, giving the impression that we had somehow collabora

50 Students Get Caught Selling BB1M Book Vouchers

The Star Online: The Higher Education Ministry has sent the names of 50 students to several higher learning institutions based on their suspicious redemption of 1Malaysia Book Vouchers (BB1M) . The names, it said, were sent to get an explanation from the respective institutions on the redemption activities. “Any further action will be based on reports from the higher learning institutions. The ministry will also work closely with Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) to identify the students,” it said in a statement yesterday. The ministry is also looking into 10 bookshops, which had made the claims for the redemption at BSN. “If these companies were found not to be in the business of selling books, legal action will be taken against them,” it said, adding that prior to this, the ministry had blacklisted four bookshops for abusing the BB1M programme. On March 31, The Star had front-paged a story on bookstore operators buying the vouchers from students. The vouchers were used to sell off ol

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Pengkalan Chepa 2 Cuti Peristiwa Kerana Gangguan Hantu

Berita Harian: KOTA BHARU: Pelajar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Pengkalan Chepa 2, di sini, diberi cuti peristiwa hari ini berikutan kes histeria sejak Isnin lalu. Pengetua, Siti Hawa Mat, dalam sidang medianya sebentar tadi, berkata cuti itu hanya diberikan kepada 1,044 pelajar tetapi guru masih hadir seperti biasa. [...] Dalam kejadian bermula Isnin lalu hingga semalam, lebih 50 pelajar termasuk lapan guru mengalami histeria yang menyebabkan mereka menjerit dan meracau. Keadaan itu menyebabkan pihak sekolah terpaksa membenarkan waktu persekolahan ditamatkan sedikit awal pada hari pertama. Seorang mangsa yang juga guru Pendidikan Jasmani, Norlelawati Ramli, 32, berkata beliau hampir dirasuk sebaik selesai menenangkan mangsa histeria di sebuah kelas di tingkat empat. "Saya rasa kedua-dua tangan menjadi berat dan ternampak sekilas kelibat lembaga hitam di hadapan. "Saya cuba lawan dengan membaca ayat al-Quran. Alhamdulillah keadaan saya tidak seriu

Tarikh-tarikh Penting Program Matrikulasi Tahun 2016

Tarikh-tarikh Penting Program Matrikulasi Malaysia Tahun 2016 14-4-2016: Keputusan Tawaran Program Matrikulasi Diumumkan 14-4-2016 → 27-4-2016: Tempoh Membuat Rayuan Tawaran Program Matrikulasi 18-6-2016: Keputusan Rayuan Tawaran Program Matrikulasi Diumumkan 24-6-2016: Tarikh Pendaftaran bagi Pelajar yang Berjaya dalam Rayuan Tarikh Pendaftaran Kolej Matrikulasi (KM) 5 Jun 2016 (Ahad): KM Perlis, KM Labuan, KM Johor, KM Perak, KM Pahang, KM Selangor, KM Kelantan, KM Teknikal Kedah 6 Jun 2016 (Isnin): KM Negeri Sembilan (Bagi pelajar baharu dari N. Sembilan, Melaka, Johor dan Pahang) 7 Jun 2016 (Selasa): KM Negeri Sembilan (Bagi pelajar baharu SELAIN dari N. Sembilan, Melaka, Johor dan Pahang), KM Melaka, KM Pulau Pinang, KM Kedah, KM Sarawak, KMARA Kuala Nerang, KMARA Kulim, KM Teknikal Pahang, KM Teknikal Johor

Sunway College ACCA Student Committed Suicide

News has been spreading on social that an ACCA student has jumped off high floor at Sunway campus and died on Sunday. Sunway College confirmed the death of the student but did not mention about ACCA. Sunway College April 10 at 11am: Sunway Education Group Statement. It is with great sadness, we regretfully have to report that an individual has fallen from a high floor at our Sunway campus. Sadly it has now been confirmed that the individual has since passed away. At this stage the police are continuing with their enquiries. A further statement will be released once the appropriate measures have taken place. We appreciate your courtesy and privacy at this most delicate and distressing time for all concerned. God bless. Sunway College April 12 at 4pm: Condolences: Thong Wei Yuan. As a family of the Sunway Education Group we are indeed pained by the recent loss of our alumnus, Thong Wei Yuan. We wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family & friends of ou

Semakan Senarai Nama Pelajar Program Bursary 2016

Senarai Nama Pelajar Bursary Tahun 2016 Permohonan Program Bursary Tahun 2016 Sekiranya nama anda ada dalam senarai tersebut, sila layari laman web JPA untuk permohonan. Permohonan dibuka secara online di Portal eSILA mulai 11 April hingga 30 April 2016

International Medical University (IMU) Students Celebrate World-class Triumphs

International Medical University Students Celebrate World-class Triumphs Medical institution continues to produce award winners Kuala Lumpur, 10 April 2016 – The past year proved to be a rewarding one for International Medical University (IMU) Malaysia, as several of its students showcased their talents on the world stage and garnered a string of accomplishments. For IMU dentistry student Wong Bi Wei, dreams became reality when she was awarded first place in the Dentsply Student Clinician Program 2015. Held in Bali, Indonesia, the award was presented in conjunction with the 29th International Association for Dental Research - Southeast Asian (IADR-SEA) Division Annual Scientific Meeting. This was the second consecutive year that IMU clinched the top spot. Left to right: The terrific trio, Lim Wei Gin, Tan Yen Yee and Tey Shwu Yee, who bagged the Gold at the 3rd Dental Olympics that was held during the 62nd Annual World Dental Congress of the International Association of Denta

Four Shops Blacklisted for Misusing BB1M Book Vouchers

The Star Online: Personnel from the Higher Education Ministry (MoHE) will be going "undercover" to curb abuse of 1Malaysia Book Vouchers (BB1M) . In a statement, the ministry said it would continue monitoring the situation by going undercover and come down hard on shop owners and students caught flouting the rules for the usage of BB1M vouchers. It said information gathered would be used to carry out further investigations before deciding if a shop owner or student would be blacklisted. "The ministry will not hesitate to take stern action," it said. So far, four shop owners have been blacklisted for misusing BB1M vouchers. MoHE also urges the public to come forward with any information that would help the investigation and enforcement of this matter. Last week, The Star broke a story on how certain bookshops were buying vouchers from students below its face value, with some paying RM190 for vouchers worth RM250. The scam also involves students who act as midd

Final 250 KPM Bursary Local Scholarships for Top SPM 2015 Students with 9A+ and above

New Strait Times Online: [PSD] said 250 students who had scored 9A+ and above in the SPM 2015 exams will also receive sponsorship under the Bursary programme. The new sponsorship model was drafted based on four main cores, namely merit and inclusiveness; focusing on B40, M40 and Technical and Vocational Education and Training group; Malaysia as an education hub; and investment returns This is the last year of KPM Bursary and only for 250 students to study locally. Next year onwards there will not be any KPM Bursary.

Scholarships for Malaysian Students (Biasiswa Untuk Pelajar Malaysia)

Get Latest Malaysia Scholarships Please take note that some of the scholarships below have been closed for application while others are still not yet open for application. Our best advice is to click here to enter your email address to receive all latest scholarship openings via email as soon as the scholarships are open for application. Malaysia Scholarship Discussion Forum Ask question on scholarship application, discuss scholarship interview tips, share experience as a scholar. Malaysia Scholarships 1. JPA Scholarship 2. Mara Education Foundation 3. Ministry of Youth & Sports 4. KWSP 5. PTPTN 6. Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera 7. Yayasan Sime Darby http://www.yayasan

Students Tempted to Sell BB1M Book Vouchers for Cash

The Star Online: While undergraduates know that selling their 1Malaysia Book Vouchers (BB1M) is wrong, the cash is just too tempting for many. Those who admitted to the practice justified their actions with a variety of personal reasons. A 22-year-old known only as Thomas said that money was more practical than book vouchers that most students do not really need. “Many students are suffering from high living costs so selling the vouchers is a good option to temporarily manage their financial situation,” he said. He said it was his fourth time selling the vouchers and he had no plans to use the money yet. Classmates Chong, 22, and Lee, 20, said that they used the cash to cover their daily expenses. “The money isn’t a lot but when you are on a student budget, a little can go a long way,” Chong said, adding that the RM200 she received for her vouchers was enough to pay for a month of meals in college. Lee, who stays in a rented room near his college, said he preferred spending the