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BB1M Only for Academic Books, Journals and Magazines - Ministry of Education

Bernama: "The ministry has also streamlined guidelines on issuing BB1M effective May 1 in which BB1M is only for the purchase of academic books, journals and magazines.[...] However, the ministry received complaints that the misuse of BB1M was getting serious when recipients bought things like scarves, clothes and spectacles while some vendors openly displayed acceptance of the voucher for non-academic goods. Recommended Reading: 1Malaysia Book Voucher (Baucar Buku 1Malaysia, BB1M) 2014 Promotions at Major Bookstores

Rubric for Additional Mathematics Project Work 2014 (Perak)

To get sample answer for Add Math Project Work 2014 for all states including Perak, enter your email address into the form below to join 20,000+ students who get all the latest SPM 2014 tips and trial papers via email. You cannot afford to miss them! Join our email subscription list now! Rubric for Additional Mathematics Project Work 2014 A. Report Presentation 1. General     Aspect (6%) Appropriate title. 1 Contents page. 1 Systematic presentation. 1 – 2 Creativity. 1 – 2 2. Introduction           (7%) Creative comprehensive introduction 5 – 7 Satisfactory introduction. 3 – 4 Incomplete introduction. 1 – 2 B. Task Specification 1. Specify the        Task   (5%) Identify and state all given informatio

Semakan Keputusan Kemasukan ke IKM / KKTM / KPM / UMK / GMI

SEMAKAN KEPUTUSAN KEMASUKAN KE KPM / KKTM / UMK / GMI Keputusan ke KPM boleh disemak mulai 22 April 2014, IKM / KKTM mulai 19 Mei 2014 menggunakan No. Kad Pengenalan Link: Sistem Pengambilan UPIM Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)

UM Suspended All Campus Activities on April 26 - 27 for Town Hall Session with President Obama

UM's Vice-Chancellor: SUSPENSION OF CAMPUS ACTIVITIES FROM 26 - 27 APRIL 2014 The U.S Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has chosen University of Malaya (UM) as the venue for the “U.S Embassy Town Hall” to be held on 27 April 2014 (Sunday). In relation to this, all campus activities are to be suspended form 26 to 27 April 2014 for security purposes. Your kind cooperation is appreciated. Thank you. Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohd Amin Jalaludin

Lower Sixth Form (Tingkatan 6 Bawah) to Commence on 5th May 2014 (Monday)

Lower sixth form ( tingkatan 6 bawah ) to commence on 5th May 2014 (Monday). Check your form six offer ( kemasukan tingkatan enam ) at Ministry of Education website starting 24 April 2014. To appeal ( permohonan rayuan ):

Year Four Pupil's Cheek Pierced by Metal Rod at School Compound

School boy's cheek pierced by metal rod at school / PicCredit The Star Online: The culprit was a loose steel rod that was originally welded to the drain grating. As the boys were running all over the place, one of them stepped on the rod, which caused it to be jacked upwards. Apparently, the boy, 10, was unable to stop in time, and ran into the metre-long rod with a diameter of about 1.5cm. [...] The boy was admitted to the Likas Women and Children’s Hospital, where an operation was later carried out to remove the rod. While it was obviously an accident, the question is it avoidable? How to prevent it from happening again? Seem like there is much more school authorities around Malaysia should do to prevent future similar incidents. For example, examine all steel rods welded to the drain grating, put up warning signs to warn kids from playing around areas with high safety hazards etc. What will you feel if you kids are the unlucky ones? Parents should proactively push

SPAD Suspended 27 Permits of Transnational Express Buses

Bernama: The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is suspending the permits of 27 Transnasional express buses plying the East-North Sector effective Wednesday following accidents involving buses of the company. SPAD chief executive officer Mohd Nur Ismal Mohamed Kamal in a statement here today said the decision was taken after audits found the company did not (sic) monitor speed limits, besides Global Positioning System (GPS) for the buses not functioning. Transnational Express Bus was the most popular choice for students from East Coast of Malaysia to travel back to their hometown due to the facts that Transnational express buses were the most frequent (high frequency) and most punctual among other bus companies. However, after Transnational's permit was suspended by SPAD, students will need to buy bus tickets from other bus companies. While we do not have any recommendation or preference for the time being, we would strongly advise students to not buy bus tickets fro

President Obama Coming to University of Malaya (UM)!

The Washington Post: The town-hall event at Malaya University will be with young leaders from 10 Southeast Asian nations, and Obama also will meet with civil-rights leaders in Malaysia, as the United States attempts to promote democratic values. White House announced that President Obama will answer questions at a town hall-style event at University of Malaya (UM). The previous high profile country leader visited UM was His Excellency Wen Jiabao, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China in 2011. See media release from UM below: His Excellency Wen Jiabao, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China pays an official visit to University of Malaya. KUALA LUMPUR, 27 APRIL 2011 – His Excellency Premier Wen Jiabao made an official visit to the University of Malaya (UM) today. The visit signifies the long ‐ standing bilateral ties between the two countries, especially in the higher education platform. H.E Premier Wen Jiabao was welcomed by t

Additional Mathematics 2014 (Add Math) Project Work Answer (Perak)

This post only shows the Add Maths Project Work 2015 question and answer for Perak . To get sample answer for Add Math Project Work 2015 for all states including Sarawak , Johor , Sabah , Selangor and Penang enter your email address into the form below to join 20,000+ students who get all the latest SPM 2015 tips and trial papers via email. You cannot afford to miss them! Join our email subscription list now! Add Math Project Work Answer Perak - Janjang Additional Mathematics Project Work 2014 Source: Sektor Pengurusan Akademik, Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri (JPN) Perak The charm of Mathematics lies in the surprising nature of its number patterns. Words are not required to demonstrate its charm. It is obvious from the pattern attained. Arithmetic progressions and geometric progressions are just two amazing examples that immediately come to our mind. Look, enjoy and be amazed……….. This project will make you love number patterns more! Try it wholeheartedly to experience i