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Fiesta Hari Terbuka ke-57 ASTAR (FHT 2017)

Fiesta Hari Terbuka ke-57 ASTAR (FHT 2017) The First Residential College (ASTAR), University of Malaya is veritably entitled as the oldest pioneer among the overall twelve hostels situated in the campus. Zealous with its hospitality as such, ASTAR was celebrating its 57th anniversary of Fiesta Hari Terbuka (FHT) from 24th February 2017 to 26th February 2017. FHT is an event organized annually aiming to strengthen the bonding of the college residents from different races and courses. One of the highlights of the event was Borneo Night as the theme of opening ceremony. On Friday night, Tun Perak Hall, as used to be, once again became the conflux of ASTARians. The crowd was immensely entertained by the Ngajat and Limbai Bajau dances performed by SEKAR and also, the grandioso duet singing by two Borneo ASTARians which shot the peak of the night insomuch they won the standing ovation of the audience with their proprietary melodious vocal. A small number of audiences even hopped onto t

UM First Residential College's Fiesta Hari Terbuka 24 - 27 February 2017

University of Malaya (UM)'s ASTAR Fiesta Hari Terbuka First Residential College, also known as Asrama Tuanku Abdul Rahman (ASTAR), is proudly entitled as the oldest residential college in University of Malaya. Along with ASTAR’s long establishment, here comes the 57th Fiesta Hari Terbuka (FHT) event in concordance with its legacy since 1959. FHT is an annual college event that encourages the strengthening of relationship and goodwill among ASTAR residents from various racial and ethnic groups, as well as fosters the mutual understanding. It also serves as a platform to unleash and showcase the hidden talents of fellow ASTARians in different fields such as sports and arts. In conjunction with the 57th anniversary, we churn out the theme “Enlace en ASTAR”, which brings the meaning of ‘Bond in ASTAR’ in Spanish. This year, FHT 2017 is emphasizing on the concept of bonding among ASTARians as a big family living under one roof. Just as how one would treat his family members with d

Kad Debit Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M) / Kad Debit-i Mastercard Bank Rakyat

Yuran Permohonan Kad Bantuan Pelajar Pendidikan Tinggi Bank Rakyat RM8 untuk Kad Combo - i Bank Rakyat termasuk Kad Combo - i Co Brand Yuran Tahunan Kad Debit-i Mastercard Bank Rakyat / Kad Combo-i Bank Rakyat Percuma untuk tahun pertama bagi Kad Combo - i Bank Rakyat termasuk semua Kad Combo - i Co Brand RM8.00 * untuk tahun kedua dan seterusnya, sepanjang tempoh sah kad (Yuran ini akan dikenakan pada setiap tarikh ulang tahun kad tersebut). RM5 setiap tahun untuk K ad Debit Diskaun Siswa 1 Malaysia (KADS1M Debit) sepanjang tiga ( 3 ) tahun tempoh sah kad. Kad ini perlu diperbaharui setiap 3 tahun. Setelah tamat tempoh dan pelajar telah menamatkan pengajian, KADSIM Debit akan diperbaharui menggunakan produk Kad Combo - i Bank Rakyat. Permohonan Online Application

SPM 2016 Results Release Date: 16 March 2017 (Thursday)

Tarikh Pengumuman Keputusan Peperiksaan SPM 2016 Result Release Date Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia: Kenyataan Media Isu Tarikh Pengumuman Keputusan Peperiksaan SPM 2016 yang Ditular di Media Sosial Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) merujuk kepada isu tarikh pengumuman keputusan peperiksaan SPM 2016 yang ditular di media sosial baru-baru ini serta ingin menjelaskan bahawa: KMP sentiasa memastikan semua proses penyediaan data keputusan peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) pada semua peringkat adalah mengikut prosedur operasi standard (SOP) yang telah ditetapkan; KPM melaksanakan penjaminan kualiti bagi menjamin keputusan yang dikeluarkan adalah tepat dan sahih demi keadilan kepada calon; dan Oleh itu, disahkan bahawa tarikh pengumuman keputusan peperiksaan SPM 2016 adalah pada 16 Mac 2017 And the issue in question that went viral on social media case you don't know, as reported by Free Malaysia Today : The issue of the d

Fly Your Ideas - Malaysian students shine at international aerospace competition

Kuala Lumpur -- Malaysian students are flying high at Airbus’ bi-annual global Fly Your Ideas competition organized in partnership with UNESCO to challenge students from all disciplines to develop new ideas and innovate for the future of sustainable aviation. A record 5,499 students making up 356 teams from around the world registered to participate in the fifth edition of Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas. Malaysia has 14 teams in the competition. A group of 60 Airbus experts and innovators assessed the ideas submitted by 356 teams from 89 countries. The rigorous evaluation process took place at four different Airbus locations in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, with 50 student teams selected to reach Round Two of the competition, starting in January 2017. Team Bunga Raya ready to roll with the power of sound, transformed into usable energy in-flight. Three Malaysian teams made it to Round 2 - Team Putra Space from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Team Bunga Raya from Universiti Kuala Lumpu