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I'm thinking about committing suicide - University of Malaya Confessions

University of Malaya Confessions
University of Malaya Confessions:
"I am a 2nd year student at a faculty near to KK8.

Entering this fourth semester, I start to realize that I am lagging behind compared to most of my batch. In terms of skills and experience. The pressure keeps increasing and increasing, just to catch them.

I mean, I can always see my course mates posting, he/she joins this competition, that competition that are rand I was like, ""I want to join as well"". And I did try to join one, but I quit on the day of competition due to pressure as well.

Lately, I don't feel like I can cope very well with the pressure; the pressure of study, finishing my degree. It feels like I don't have any objective in my life.

And the pressure is at the point I'm thinking about committing suicide. I just want it to end."
Not sure if this is real or a joke, as the current pinned post on the University of Malaya Confessions Facebook page is about "Finding a temporary girlfriend for CNY period".

Nevertheless, the advice is always seek professional counselling help if you are feeling severe anxiety and depression. Every university has a student/staff counselling unit for this exact purpose.

Alternatively, if you need to talk to someone confidentially you can try Befrienders KL. Call them at 03-79568144 or 03-79568145 (24 hours daily) or email at [email protected].