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AirAsia WPUA Offers Cheaper Flights for University Staffs & Students

AirAsia WPUA for University Staffs & Students WPUA (Waran Perjalanan Udara Awam) is now available to all university staff and students, for official use only. WPUA applies for group and individual bookings and it can only be purchased by registered universities. 1)    How do I book with WPUA? You may book through your university’s PTJ (Pusat Tanggungjwab). 2)    How do I apply for WPUA? To apply for WPUA, you are advised to consult with your university or travel agents. 3)  Who will issue the payment for WPUA? Payment will be under and with discretion of the university treasury/finance department. For more information, you can contact [email protected] or visit 4) What is the difference between online purchase and WPUA? WPUA is a packaged deal. It includes 40kgs of baggage, 20kgs of sports equipment, inflight meal, BIG Points, travel insurance and Premium Seat; all for one price. 5)  Is the price of WPUA same as the price of online pu

Jadual Waktu Peperiksaan SPM 2015 Timetable

View Jadual Waktu Peperiksaan SPM 2015 Exam Timetable SPM 2015 timetable is available now. Jadual Waktu SPM 2015 Timetable Calon Biasa Download Jadual Waktu Peperiksaan SPM 2015 Exam Timetable You can now download the official SPM 2015 timetable from the Lembaga Peperiksaan Ministry of Education Malaysia website. Click here to download SPM 2015 timetable (pdf).

MSC Malaysia Job Camp Technical Training 2015

MSC Malaysia Job Camp 2015 JOIN US TODAY! MSC Malaysia companies have generated more than RM24 million Designed specifically for fresh graduates and any Knowledge workers who wants to improve or expand their current ICT skills and knowledge. This programme seeks to help k-workers to develop good understanding of a broad range of software principles and concepts to stay aligned with the current needs of the ICT industry. Technical Training Choose from these four-options training programmes: Data science & Big data analytics (EMCDSA) Data Science and big data analytics is an 'open' course that provides an introduction to big data and the Data Analytics Lifecycle to address business challenges that leverage big data. You will cover basic and advanced analytic methods and big data analytics technology and tools, including MapReduce and Hadoop. The extensive labs throughout the course provide you with the opportunity to apply these methods and tools to real wor

Monash-Turnitin 3MV Student Competition

Registration and Consent Organised and sponsored by School of Information Technology, Monash University Malaysia and Turnitin 3 MINUTE VIDEO COMPETITION (3MV) Brief:  Can you come up with a simple, yet fun and creative video about the use of technology in education? We are looking for unique student perspectives on how students in the 21st century learn and are being assessed in the digital age through technological innovations. The competition requires you to create a short clip about using Turnitin’s technologies to enhance university learning and teaching experiences, i.e. Originality Check, GradeMark and PeerMark. In the university setting, the short clip can include any or a combination of the following content: • What is the enhanced learning experience gained using these educational technologies? • What is the teaching impact to you through using these educational technologies? • What is the e-plagiarism battle in your school / department / university / country? Y

Sunway English Language Development Programme to Improve English Proficiency Among Students

Introduction of English Tutorial Programme, English Public Speaking Competition and Sunway-Oxbridge Essay Competition In line with the spirit of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) – Nurturing the Seeds of Wisdom, Sunway Group is a strong advocate of education and works hand in hand with JCF, the largest social enterprise for education in Malaysia, to support and raise the overall academic standards in Malaysia. As Education is also one of Sunway’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) key pillars to provide sustainable and quality education, Sunway Group initiated the Sunway English Language Development Programme with the commencement of the English Tutorial Programme in 2013 for the students of SMK Bandar Sunway - the first school to be adopted by Sunway Group in 1995. Partnering with Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and Sunway University, the English Tutorial Programme is designed to improve English language speaking proficiency and address the challenges of learning English in the natio