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Malaysian companies never reply to internship application emails

Malissa Ali:
Currently, I am in my process of applying for an internship both in the UK and Malaysia. I notice one difference.

Every single company in the UK that I applied to replied me. Literally every single one. No matter if I proceed to the next stage or not. When I didn't succeed in my application, they would email me and tell me why. Some even suggested me websites and programs to join so that I improve my employability.

In contrast, every single company in Malaysia except MNCs, none of them, literally none replied me. Yes, I am not that selective, I consider every opportunity including small and medium size companies. I hope that I get to do an internship in Malaysia so that I can come back this summer, but seems like it will not be the case.

Alright, I am not complaining that I am not impressive enough for your business, but it's sad to compare how we appreciate our human capital.

I am a 2nd-year student who's searching for an internship that is not even compulsory for my degree feel this desperate and keep waiting for a reply. Imagine how our fresh graduates feel?

And we complain about brain drain issue, about why Malaysians leave Malaysia? If you want Malaysians to work for Malaysia, appreciate every single application. Reply their email. Pick up their calls. That's what HR is paid for.

Nur Amira: Weyh btul btul btul.kat sini apply internship haram nk balas. Tak dapat pun takpa but at least bgtau lah. Kahkah sabo jela. Semoga dipermudah.

Muammar Mokhlis: So true. Even job applications. Havent gotten any reply. Not even a 'noted' email

Mohamed Hatta Dihom Hmd: Suatu catatan n pemerhatian yg jujur terhadap cara kerja org/sykt di sana. Ada hidden SOP.. Harap sykt di Malaysia blh mengambil teladan.