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Is KPM Bursary Still Being Offered in 2016 for SPM 2015?

Update April 2016: PSD has just announced that 250 KPM Bursary scholarships with be offered for SPM 2015 students with 9A+ and above for local studies. This is the last year of KPM Bursary for SPM students. Next year onwards there will not be any KPM Bursary for SPM 2016 students.
KPM Bursary 2015 (Tawaran Bursary Biasiswa Pelajar Cemerlang SPM 2014)
To answer this question, one needs to look back at the Prime Minister's announcement related to JPA scholarships during the recalibration of Malaysia Budget 2016 in late January 2016.

Four government / JPA scholarship programmes are specifically highlighted by the Finance Minister in his speech:

Program Biasiswa Nasional 2016

Top 20 SPM students will be sponsored to the top universities overseas.

Biasiswa JPA Program Khas Kejuruteraan Jepun, Korea, Perancis dan Jerman 2016

200 SPM scorers will be sponsored to study engineering courses at the top universities at these countries. Application currently opens until 5PM on March 10, 2016.

Program Lepasan KPM Bursary 2016

744 SPM 2013 and SPM 2014 students who were previously offered KPM Bursary and were doing their pre-university programme (A level, Matrikulasi, STPM etc) in 2015 will be sponsored to study degree courses at local public or private universities.

Biasiswa JPA Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (PIDN) 2016

8000 students will get scholarships to study degree courses at local public or private universities.
So back to the original question, is KPM bursary still being offered in 2016 for SPM 2015 students? Notice that Dato' Sri Najib did not mention KPM bursary at all. From here we can deduce that KPM Bursary which was a guaranteed scholarship for SPM students with 9A+ to sponsor their pre-university programmes in Malaysia and then their degree programmes at universities overseas is no longer available or offered in 2016.

The Program Lepasan KPM Bursary mentioned in his speech is just affecting those who are already offered this scholarship and currently studying pre-university programmes in Malaysia (meaning SPM 2013 and SPM 2014 students), that the government no longer sponsor them to do degree courses abroad, they need to study locally if they want to be continued sponsored under KPM Bursary programme. Previously, they were supposed to be fully sponsored to study abroad after they have completed their pre-u in Malaysia.