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MSC Malaysia Job Camp Technical Training 2015

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MSC Malaysia Job Camp 2015

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Designed specifically for fresh graduates and any Knowledge workers who wants to improve or expand their current ICT skills and knowledge. This programme seeks to help k-workers to develop good understanding of a broad range of software principles and concepts to stay aligned with the current needs of the ICT industry.

Technical Training

Choose from these four-options training programmes:
Data science & Big data analytics (EMCDSA)
Data Science and big data analytics is an 'open' course that provides an introduction to big data and the Data Analytics Lifecycle to address business challenges that leverage big data. You will cover basic and advanced analytic methods and big data analytics technology and tools, including MapReduce and Hadoop. The extensive labs throughout the course provide you with the opportunity to apply these methods and tools to real world business challenges.

Android Application Developments (AD401-2)
This course provides the required knowledge and skills to design and build a complete Android™ application. It delivers an extensive training on the main Android API components and its interactions.

IBM AIX Server (AN10+AN11)
Designed for IT professionals who are new to Linux® and require core Red Hat Enterprise Linux skills. This course focuses on essential administration tasks that will be encountered in the workplace, including installing the operating system, establishing network connectivity, managing physical storage, and performing basic security administration.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration I (RH124)
This course enables you to perform everyday tasks using the AIX operating system and you will learn how to perform system administration in a Power Systems p environment. You will also learn the skills needed to become an effective administrator on IBM's POWER6-based systems that support Logical Partitioning (LPAR) and the features of PowerVM Editions (Advanced POWER Virtualization - APV) and how to configure and manage LPARs running AIX V6.1 using the Hardware Management Console (HMC).

Soft Skills

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Interviewing Skills and Self Preparation During Interview Sessions
  • Introduction to Training Needs Analysis and
  • Personal Development
  • Methodology
    • Participative, hands-on role-plays and exercises.
    • Workbooks and hand-outs
    • Facilitator-led discussions and presentations
    • Case studies and individual assessments
    • Workable Personal Action Plan

We will also assist on job placement into organisations after the training courses.*

What’s the training course duration?
  • 7 days technical training at Iverson training centre.
  • 3 days soft skills training comprises topics listed as above.
  • 10 days total training duration for technical and soft skills training.
Who can participate?
  • Available K-Workers (currently unemployed, in-between jobs, changing fields, retrenched)
  • Malaysian graduates, no intentions to further studies in the next 12 months.
  • Must obtain CGPA 2.5 and above
  • Hold at least a Diploma in IT-related fields
  • Anyone who is interested to pursue a career in the ICT industry
A programme coordinated by: MDeC & Digital Malaysia

Call us to make an appointment now at +603 7726 278, we are pleased to meet up with you personally and share more insights with you about the values and benefits of this professional development for yourself as well as your organization!

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