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Monash-Turnitin 3MV Student Competition

TurnitinRegistration and Consent
Organised and sponsored by School of Information Technology, Monash University Malaysia and Turnitin

Can you come up with a simple, yet fun and creative video about the use of technology in education?
We are looking for unique student perspectives on how students in the 21st century learn and are being assessed in the digital age through technological innovations.

The competition requires you to create a short clip about using Turnitin’s technologies to enhance university learning and teaching experiences, i.e. Originality Check, GradeMark and PeerMark. In the university setting, the short clip can include any or a combination of the following content:
What is the enhanced learning experience gained using these educational technologies?
What is the teaching impact to you through using these educational technologies?
What is the e-plagiarism battle in your school / department / university / country?

Your submission must be a short YouTube video (up to 3 minutes max). It can be a mix of ideas, design, joke or warning (not limited to). Feel free to share your personal dream, experience or story. You can use any video editing tools or free animation tools such as or

How to enter:
Please submit the YouTube link to your video through the Online Registration and Consent form (click here). The due date is 15th May 2015.

1st Prize:  RM2,000
2nd Prize: RM1,000
3rd Prize: RM800

*The short listed top 10 videos will also receive a 'certificate of appreciation' for their resumes.

Judging, Eligibility and Winner: 
The judging criteria are creativity (40%), innovation (40%) and relevancy (20%). A judging panel from South East Asia and EU universities will determine the winning entries.

Submissions are welcome from any pre-U, undergraduate or postgraduate students currently enrolled in an educational institution in EU or South East Asia (i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore).
The shortlisted 10 entries will be played at the 2015 1st Joint Panel Workshop for iCONNECT for EU-SEA e-Plagiarism Battle held at Monash University, Malaysia in 25th June 2015.

Winners of the top 3 prizes will be announced after the workshop in early July through email. The cash prizes will be paid to the winners by 31st July 2015 through cheque (Malaysia) or bank transfer (outside Malaysia).

Feel free to email Gill Rowell ([email protected]) or Siriyaten Md Ali ([email protected]) should you have further query.