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IMPOSSIBLE Scholarship – The Opportunity of a Dream Career with World Class Companies

With the credit crunch encroaching, IACT College offers potential high achievers with the IMPOSSIBLE Scholarship replete with job prospects.

By Natasha MH
Impossible Scholarship IACT College
Impossible Scholarship by IACT College

Calling out to all high achievers out there! IACT College and a panel of powerful industry players have collaborated to provide the IMPOSSIBLE Scholarship as a step to get ahead within the communication industry. If you’ve always been keen to participate in creative communication, the scholarship will now be a motivating factor to enthuse and encourage you to empower creativity and new possibilities which includes career opportunities.

Says Chairman of IACT College, Chew Sue Ann, “Since IACT College has very close ties from the industry, many big players such as Nestle, Genting and Monster Interactive have highly praised how our students are well-prepared and capable according to industry standards.” She adds, “Feedback from the industry is that they’re happy with IACT efforts, and we are receiving great responses from them as it is just as exciting for them as it is for us to constantly produce great young minds to fill in the talent gap.” Chow Wei Heng, Vice President of Marketing for Genting Malaysia Bhd. says, “I have worked with students of IACT College on many projects. And so far it has been great. Not only are they skilled enough to take on real briefs, they are mentally prepared to deliver a job well done. They are creatively versatile. The IMPOSSIBLE Scholarship will definitely empower creativity. Kudos IACT College.” “The positive response from our partners comes at a perfect time when parents and students are more cautious with how much to spend for education,” says Jason Chin, Chief Executive Officer of IACT College. He adds, “With these companies’ support and expertise, this scholarship will not just empower young minds to achieve their dreams but help release some of their financial burdens.” Parents and students can also be assured that there are many options to choose from through the varied strands of creativity ranging from Foundation, Diploma through to Degree. Clearly, there is an opportunity for everyone at whichever entry level of education depending on your academic result.

The IMPOSSIBLE Scholarship is one of the efforts of the #PROJECTIMPOSSIBLE campaign currently being run at IACT College. It also captures the essence of IACT College in nurturing fresh talents thus positioning the college as the brand leader in the creative communication or media education industry. Fields of studies viable for the scholarship include Advertising, Mass Communication, Marketing, Broadcasting, Communication Studies, Creative Multimedia, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Event Management and Media Studies.

Successful applicants will receive a 100% scholarship (waiver of total tuition fee only) for stipulated tertiary programmes conducted at IACT College and guaranteed internship opportunity with a world- class company throughout his/her college career and will simultaneously be considered for a full-time employment upon graduation from college.

For those who are unfamiliar, IACT College is the only creative communication college in Malaysia with over three decades of teaching and professional training excellence approved and co-founded by the Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) and Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia (4As). Among the facets that make IACT College unique is the small classroom management strategically located in the commercial hub of Jaya One and The School in Petaling Jaya, which literally surrounds students with all the MAA and 4As key players. Classes are mostly coursework and project-based learning, many in collaboration with companies, training students to think, perform and present in real- life professional settings. Chris Chan, Consumer Marketing Manager of Nestle Malaysia, says, “IACT College is different because of their strong connection with the marketing communications industry; their students are versatile and job ready. I should know. I am an IACT alumni.”

Jason Chin adds, “We are calling out to all young achievers with excellent academic results who have the drive and passion within the creative communication industry to apply for this IMPOSSIBLE Scholarship and get a step further in achieving their dream careers with world class companies.”

Founded in 1970 by the creative communication industry, IACT College offers degree, diploma, foundation and certificate programmes for the fields of study in mass communication, media, marketing, advertising, broadcasting, graphic design and creative multimedia. To know more about the IMPOSSIBLE Scholarship, please log on to IACT College website at or contact its education counsellors at 03-7956 0211.