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Non-Malay Muslim Student Banned from Wearing Baju Kurung at School

Baju Kurung School Uniform
Baju Kurung School Uniform / PicCredit
The Rakyat Post:
An allegation has surfaced that a public secondary school in Cheras near here has barred a new Form 3 student from entering class as she was wearing a baju kurung which the school claimed was against the dress code.

The student’s father, Lawrence Jayaraj, alleged that he was told by the school that only Malay Muslim students were allowed to wear baju kurung while non-Muslim and non-Malay students could not.
Was the school principal or management (too racist that he was) not aware that Malaysia is a multiracial country and that wearing baju kurung (one of the most beautiful Malaysian traditional fashions) has nothing to do with Muslim only or the Islam religion? Baju kurung is for Malaysians!