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The Digital Education Show Asia 2014: Free On-floor Seminars Programme

The Digital Education Show Asia 2014

The Digital Education Show Asia 2014
Date: 27 - 28 May 2014
Time: 10:00AM - 5:30AM
Venue: Exhibition Halls 1 & 2, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC), Malaysia

  • FREE On-floor Seminars for 2 Days - Track 1: K-12; Track 2: Tertiary; Track 3: Innovation
  • Trade visitors sign up for Exhibition Pass for free to attend on-floor seminars

On-floor Seminars Programme

Day 1 On-floor Seminars: Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Track 1 Topic: K-12

10.30 [MOE Malaysia Case Study] Flipped classroom: Reaching every student in every class everyday
11.00 Adobe Presenter & Flipped Classrooms
11.30 Using online games to empower the teaching and learning of English literacy skills
12.00 Real life literacy and digital citizenship
12.30 [MOE Malaysia Case Study] Application of e-Learning in the Management of Action Research Course in Institut Aminuddin Baki
13.00 Jacaranda's Digital Bundle: The ultimate teaching & learning solution for 7-10
13.30 Tool + Content = IS3
14.00 Unlock the full potential of the iPad with Casper Focus
14.30 Digital solutions for schools
15.00 The cases of using educational application in Korea - Englider and PlayFACTO
15.30 Making school based assessments easier with online digital tool
16.00 Getting started with Minecraft: Amazing applications for you and your students to explore

Track 2 Topic: Tertiary

10.30 [MOE Malaysia Case Study] CyberSAFE In School – A National Survey Report 2013
11.00 Trends in speech recognition for education
11.30 Power of visual analytics in education
12.30 Back to Basics - ID still rules
13.30 Windows for the ways we learn
14.00 Adaptive learning, collaborative learning, and next generation analytical capabilities
14.30 Online learning: How video changes and enhances the way we learn
15.00 SWIPE- The solution for powerful presentation using smart phones & tablet PCs
15.30 Collaboration of teaching tool to your smart device!
16.00 Sending iPads into war zones: Would we do it again?
16.30 Education technology nation: How can higher education institutions strategise?

Track 3 Topic: Innovation

10.30 OpenPage - The ultimate platform for digital interactive ebooks
11.30 Building a better education system in Malaysia
13.00 Inventing the Future of Education: How Technology Can be Used to Facilitate the Education Paradigm Shift
14.00 Digital learning & education for a skilled global workforce

Day 2 On-floor Seminars: Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Track 1 Topic: K-12

10.30 [MOE Malaysia Case Study]‘Flipped or Flopped’: Unlearning and relearning through a flipped classroom
11.00 Trends in speech recognition for education
11.30 The 4 Pillars of eLearning
12.00 Hands on learning for the 21st century classroom
12.30 Why teach coding to kids?
13.00 Simply Teach – Teachers get ready for ICT in schools
13.30 Smart learning case study and solutions
14.00 Transforming English learning with Google Apps for Education
15.00 Deploying multiple devices in educational settings
15.30 Scaling up education technology initiatives: From small experiments to school-wide change
16.00 The next generation digital contents’ circulation, settlement and distribution plan based on video and music
16.30 Affordable, scalable automation & control system

Track 2 Topic: Tertiary

10.30 [MOE Malaysia Case Study] Thinking Inside the Box and towards a Creative Organization : Institut Aminuddin Baki Experience
11.00 Interactive Video Made Easy with Articulate Storyline
11.30 Smart Learning in KOREA (Smart Learning and Test Solution using Smart Devices)
12.00 ECM: A platform to empower the digital school
12.30 New tricks for the classroom using the tools you know
13.00 UNIEC – 21st Century Education in UNITAR
13.30 Introduction of DCAN
14.00 Presentation assets in the palm of your hands
14.30 Creating an environment for creativity and engagement
15.00 Careers with no borders: Reach out to the world with shared services and outsourcing
15.30 The distracted mind
16.00 The art and science of online learning environments
16.30 Interactive classroom solutions: The way forward