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Chinese Primary School Students Burdened with Difficult Homework

The Star Online:
CHINESE primary school students are so burdened with homework that their mothers, aunts and other family members are helping out, reported China Press.

Malaysian Chinese Language Council president Prof Dr Lim Chooi Kwa said schools ought to review the matter as some of the homework were so technical that even university Chinese Studies lecturers had difficulty answering them.

He added that not only him but several other university lecturers also had a similar experience while guiding their grandchildren with their homework.

“We would make mistakes like the strokes and pronunciation.

“Schools need to look into improving teaching methods as well as reducing the students' homework load.”

He noted that most children go for tuition and they do not have time to digest what they learn.
I went to a Chinese primary school, other than the difficulty of homework highlighted in the article above, the excessive amount of homework is also a big issue and very burdensome to students. Don't you agree?