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1Malaysia Student Discount Cards (KADS1M) for Students Studying Abroad Soon

The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism will be offering the 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M) for students studying abroad, soon. [...]

"The ministry will be getting information and discussing the matter with the Higher Education Ministry, embassies, student charity bodies overseas before offering the card to Malaysian students studying abroad," he told reporters after attending a Cooperative College of Malaysia event with the local community in Kampung Guai here, today.
Good news to Malaysian students studying abroad but 1Malaysia Student Discount Cards (Kad Siswa 1Malaysia, KADS1M) will only be useful to them to enjoy discounts for selected goods and services during their holiday in Malaysia.

Some info/facts on 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia, KADS1M):
"A total of 1.2 million KADS1M cards were given free to students from private and public Higher Education institutions nationwide in the first phase of distribution after the card was launched last year.

"Over 2,000 selected retail outlets, including supermarkets, sport shops, optical stores, fast food outlets are participating in the KADS1M programme," he said.

The initiative to introduce KADS1M was the result of discussions between the National Students Consultative Council and the Higher Education Ministry in Putrajaya on Nov 21, 2011.

Apart from KADS1M, the ministry also offers various cards such as Consumer Squad, 1Malaysia Privilege Card, Ex-Servicemen, Disabled Person, ex-civil servant cards.

The cards entitle three million users to get between five and 50 per cent discount at 2,170 premises throughout the country.

He said the government was planning to extend the discount cards to other uniform services like nurses, firemen, Civil Defence Department and Rela members as well as students studying part-time, long-distance and overseas.