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Teens Making RM18,000 and RM20,000 / Month Offering Sex Services Contracted HIV

The Star Online:
Sally and Tina claimed making between RM18,000 and RM20,000 a month, which allowed them to buy expensive clothes and accessories and dining with the rich.

But after four years, their world crumbled and their laughter has now turned to tears after they contracted HIV, the girls confessed in Metro Ahad. [...]

Sally said she had had sex not only with local men but also foreigners, including Japanese, Koreans and Europeans, who would pay up to RM2,000.

She had an abortion when she was 15 but it was when she became pregnant again a year later that her family discovered her sexploits.

“My family was crushed. To make things worse, I was diagnosed with syphillis and uterine cancer. I had a miscarriage,” she sobbed.

Tina, now 17, said she felt it was worth it to invest a mere RM2 at a cyber cafe to promote her sexual services on the Net and to reap thousands a month in return.

“I left home and lived with a man I had just met. He would let his friends pay to have sex with me.

“I would get about RM60 from each man and had sex with about 10 different men each day,” said the school dropout, who is also undergoing rehabilitation at a welfare home.
Apparently, the 10% secondary school students had sexual intercourse and some with multiple sex partners survey findings by UTM did not include school dropouts like Tina.