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Report about Sexual Assault at University of Malaya (UM)

Universiti Malaya UM guy gay male rape
Leaked Sexual Assault Report of an International Japanese Student @ UM
[Update: we do not link to the source forum post containing the leaked report as it contains the victim's full name and personal details]

From the leaked report:
I has been assaulted by another international student living in same resident on April 30 th in my room. I reported this incident to the authority in the University of Malaya called ISC, UM security, and the resident. Although I reported and I demanded for the safety of other students. Nevertheless, another incident by same person happened and that student who’s been attacked had gone back to his own country because of that. Today, I am writing this report to tell how University of Malaya treats its own international students and trying to warn others including new students coming in the future that they are not very reliable as they said “College reputation is more important than student’s safety.”
One believes that the sexual assault incident is true from reading the full report and also news on this reported by various websites (which sensationized the incident as guy on guy gay male rape) - especially the part where the Palestine student left to his country in a hurry.
As one of the victim, in this case, I demand a legal punishment towards this suspect of course, but I would also like to ask for a punishment against ISC, since they are the one who made this incident worsen to let another victim to be attacked. We would like an official apology to us from ISC and University of Malaya.

I would like to tell all the other universities around world to rethink about sending their students to this university, University of Malaya, since they cannot protect the international students properly.
Reasonable request if the International Student Centre (ISC) staff has indeed "mentioned that college face, reputation, is more important than students safety."