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Patients' Body Language Can Aid In Diagnosing Illness - Homeopathy Expert

Body Language of Patients Can Aid In Diagnosing Illness, Say Homeopathy Expert

Cyberjaya, 24th June 2016 – In line with the Ministry of Health’s effort to gradually integrate Traditional and Complementary Medicine into the government and private healthcare sectors, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) organised a Professional Homeopathy Seminar Series at its Cyberjaya Campus with an aim to share the latest developments in homeopathic therapy with its practitioners.

Prof. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, the Director of Homoeopathic Research Institute & Clinic, Satara & Pune, an Indian based expert was invited as a speaker at the seminar. He has had numerous experiences in speaking at globally organised seminars and known as an innovative practitioner of Homeopathy.

Prof. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni said, “It’s an honour to be given this opportunity to share my philosophy with the local homeopaths and I trust everyone has had a new perspective of the practice”. He added that “Homeopathy is also known as the philosophy of totality which considers the mind-body as a unified system. A homeopathic practitioner will conduct a deep interview that focuses not only on the symptoms but the patient’s characters and behavioural responses.”

The one-day seminar saw the discussion of two main topics within the Homeopathy realm – Body Language and Homeopathic Posology. According to Professor Albert Mehrabian’s communication model, seven percent of the message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is in the words that are spoken, 38% of the message in paralinguistic and 55% of the message is in facial expression. Body language is an important component in Homeopathy as it is a powerful and indispensable tool to explore a person in totality.

Dr. Ajit explained that an effective communication is a two-way process and it involves verbal and non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication plays a vital role and it helps to improve the verbal message when someone reacts to external stimuli with body gestures, postures, facial expressions, eye contact and modulation in voice and distance. The reaction helps the homeopathic practitioner to examine the patient’s character and behaviour as part of the diagnostic process.

Besides that, the topics discussed includes Homeopathic Posology, the science of dosage with the selection of right remedy in an appropriate potency and repetition schedule. It is important to provide the right minimum dosage to stimulate the body’s immune systems to an optimum level to overcome the symptoms. Excessive dosage risk turning the remedy into poison and deteriorate the patient’s condition.

Dr. Ibrahim Usman Mhaisker, CUCMS Dean of the Faculty of Traditional & Complementary Medicine said, “Homeopathic remedies are meant to assist and treat the ailments. By using active ingredient as a stimulant for the body to react and trigger the body immune system to its optimum level and enhance body performance.”

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