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University of Malaya e-Scroll System: Media Statement From VC of UM

University of Malaya e-Scroll System: Media Statement From VC of UM
University of Malaya will be implementing the e-scroll system to all students. With the system, students can get the original hard copy of their scroll for free since they can print the scroll through the e-scroll system.

The difference is that the University does not print the paper-based scroll for all graduates using a special quality paper. UM will only print the paper-based scroll upon request by the students and provide the digital version of the scroll for free to all graduates.

This is an added value service provided by the university to speed up the process of obtaining the authorized or certified version of the scroll for employment purposes. Besides that this system is very beneficial for students who have lost their original paper scroll.

With the e-scroll, the graduates can access their scroll through the UM’s website at any given time as long as there is an internet access. They can even print it as many times as they want because the digital version of the scroll will be continuously stored in the system. In the event, that the graduates have forgotten their password, they can also call the University to obtain their password without any additional charge.

Amongst its unique features, each e-Scroll is digitally signed by the university’s Registrar and Vice Chancellor, providing strong protection for the digital identities of the two signatories, thus securely storing their private signing keys and preventing unauthorized access. Each e-Scroll is also issued a secured time stamp against the Malaysian National clock.

The implementation of the system will also help UM overcome the number of uncollected scrolls each year. The number is increasing and until now, we have more than 1,000 uncollected scrolls. Not only does the e-scroll overcome the issues of counterfeit degrees, but in a world where a growing number of graduates apply for jobs online, employers are able to quickly and easily validate the authenticity of the certificates.

Regarding the free issuance of the original hard copy of the e-scroll, there is no requirement for the University to freely issue the original hard copy of the e-scroll since students can print the scroll via the e-scroll system without any charges imposed by the university.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohd Amin Jalaludin