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Problems with Generation Y: Poor Command of English & Lack Communication Skills

Malaysian graduate students

Yahoo Malaysia:
Employers are increasingly dismayed at Malaysian "generation Y" job seekers who generally have poor command of English and lack communication skills, are too spoiled to handle stress, and want to climb the corporate ladder fast but not bothered to get the necessary experience.

These Gen Y recruits, when compared with previous generations, are also less impressed with job benefits such as medical insurance and bonuses, preferring instead immediate cash rewards for performance, surveys among employers and trade groups have revealed.[...]

As if weak English was not enough, employers such as Raj complained that young job seekers in their 20s don’t seem able to handle stress well or work themselves up from the bottom.

“Graduates these days come from colleges and immediately want to become managers, without even any experience. You can’t scold them and they can’t handle stress,” said Raj, who has spent 33 years in the hotel business.

MEF’s Shamsuddin says that recruits in their 20s, the so-called generation Y, are “restless” compared with their elders.

“They have their eyes on the now instead of the future. They are less attracted to benefits such as annual bonuses, medical benefits, retirement.

“In fact, they want annual bonuses portioned out on a monthly basis,” he said.
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