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Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory (MEdSI) Test Guide / Panduan Ujian MEdSI

Ujian MEdSI: Panduan dan Contoh Soalan

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To achieve developed nation status by 2020, the country needs an adequate skilled manpower in various fields. The preparation of the workforce requires an efficient system of education and skilled teachers in accordance with the areas that country needs. To realize these goals, the selection of teacher candidates should be made more objectively based on tests and interviews. As is generally known, not all individuals are suitable to become a teacher.

Based on the above goals, one instrument was drafted by the Construction Committee MEdSI instrument consisting of a group of experts from public institutions of higher learning (IPTA).

MEdSI instruments to measure the intrinsic quality of teacher candidates in terms of personality, Career Interest, Value Integrity and Emotional Intelligence. Information obtained from this measurement is used to select the appropriate teacher candidates for admission to programs in public education.

Content instruments
Instruments MEdSI contains 300 items in four sections, namely:
  •     Personality
  •     Career Interest
  •     Value Integrity
  •     Emotional Intelligence
Question multiple-choice form of the test. Answers should be blackened with a 2B pencil. Candidates are required to select the appropriate answers to the candidates themselves.

MEdSI done to all candidates who wish to pursue teaching under the Ministry of Higher Education to ensure that teacher candidates are selected is appropriate in terms of personality, career interests, integrity and emotional intelligence. Only successful candidates will be called for interviews.

MEdSI document is confidential and restricted. Not be reproduced any part of the Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory (MEdSI) in any form whether electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise prior written permission from the Ministry of Higher Education.


1. Comply with Prescribed Dress Code
Men's Dress Code
  •     Formal dress, right and up the tie, trousers with a dress shirt ( tuck-in).
  •     Wearing shoes and socks;
  •     T-shirts and jeans are not allowed;
  •     Sandals / slippers are not allowed;
Hair Men
  •     Short hair, and does not touch shirt collar;
  •     Fashion hair is not excessive;
  •     Hair can not be colored.
Women's Dress Code
  •     Dress formal, polite, neat, appropriate and not scantily;
  •     Shirts must be long sleeve or elbow level and not tight and do not show the body;
  •     Cosmetics, accessories and fragrances in moderation;
  •     Sandals / slippers are not allowed;
  •     T-shirts and jeans are not allowed.
Women Wig
  •     Hair can not be colored;
  •     Hairstyle is not extreme.
2. Bringing Stationery
Candidates are requested to bring their own stationery enough to sit the test as follows:
  •     2B pencil
  •     Rubber Eraser (Eraser)
  •     Ball point pen (ball pen) black / blue
3. Bringing IC / MyKad
Candidates are asked to bring your identification card / MyKad OR other identification documents recognized by the Government of Malaysia.

4. Bringing Fitness Test Slip MEdSI
  •     Candidates are asked to bring Slip Fitness Test;
  •     Fitness Test Slip can be printed from the website the Malaysian Examinations Council (
  •     Fitness Test failure Slip lead can cause candidates barred from taking the test.