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AdSense Payment Via Wire Transfer Now Available to Publishers in Malaysia

Update: These are the new countries that both AdSense publisher (since end of 2013) and Google Play merchants (Android developers, beginning Feb 6 2014) can receive payment from Google via wire transfer. To receive payouts, merchants must add a bank account to the Google Wallet Merchant Center.
  •     Argentina
  •     Brazil
  •     India
  •     Indonesia
  •     Malaysia
  •     Philippines
  •     Russia
  •     Taiwan
  •     Thailand
AdSense sent this email to selected publishers in Malaysia while slowly rolling out wire transfer (also known as Telegraphic Transfer) as new form of payments to all publishers in Malaysia, on top of Western Union and check as the existing forms of payment:

We have an important update about your next AdSense payment. Due to internal policy changes, Western Union will no longer issue certain high-value payments to AdSense partners located in your country. To ensure that you receive your payment this month, we are providing the option to receive payment by U.S. Dollar international wire transfer to your bank account. We recommend using wire transfer payments for speed and security.

Google does not charge a fee for sending wire transfer payments, but please be aware that your bank may charge a fee to receive the deposit. We recommend asking your bank about the process to receive a wire transfer and for information on associated fees. Any currency exchange from U.S. Dollars to another currency will be handled by your bank.

We upgraded your account to use our new payments system. We no longer require payment settings to be updated by the 15th calendar date of each month. Instead, payments are issued on a rolling basis beginning on the 21st of the month. We will issue your payment after you set up a form of payment other than Western Union.

Please find more information about wire transfer payments in our help center.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these policy changes with Western Union.

Sincerely, The Google AdSense Team
AdSense support provides detailed instructions on getting paid: receiving payments by wire transfer. To receive your AdSense payment via wire transfer, you'll need the following information (all required) when setting up wire transfer as your new primary form of payment. For example, if you are using Maybank account:
  • Bank account number: YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER
  • Name of account holder: YOUR NAME
MBBEMYKL is valid for all bank Maybank account in Malaysia. Read official bank names and SWIFT codes for other major banks in Malaysia. You will receive an email from AdSense support informing you that you have just selected new primary form of payment within 12 hours.
AdSense Payment via Wire Transfer
AdSense automatic payment in progress: Wire transfer to bank account
Please take note that on average it takes up to 5 working days from the automatic payment in progress (PIP) to payment receipt shown in your AdSense account payment dashboard to payment is reflected and updated in your actual bank account statement. Also, there is charges to receive money via wire transfer. For example, Maybank charges RM5 per wire (telegraphic) transfer receipt.
AdSense Payment Receipt via Wire Transfer
AdSense Payment Receipt
For comparison, there is no charges to receive payment via Western Union and you will be able to receive payment via Western Union as soon as it is issued. However, using wire transfer will save your time and hassle to cash out your Western Union payment at its agents. If you are worried about the charges to receive money via wire transfer, you might want to set higher payment threshold by changing the payment schedule settings.