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UUM Vice-Chancellor on Listen Video, Bawani & Sharifah Zohra

The Star Online:
UUM vice-chancellor Datuk Prof Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak said Bawani had not contravened university rules although she was actively involved in political activities.

“Students are allowed to join political parties as long as they do not bring partisan politics to campus,” he said, adding that Bawani lost in a recent campus polls.

The university was aware of Bawani’s participation in rallies such as Bersih and Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, said Dr Mustafa, who also distanced the university from Sharifah Zohra.

“She (Sharifah Zohra) has nothing to do with UUM or the Government. It is a programme organised by SW1M together with a small student body. We have allowed hundreds of such programmes to be held at the campus,” he said, describing the way the panellist entertained Bawani’s question as “a bit harsh and undiplomatic”.

“We regret that the incident had angered many.”
UUM has finally spoken on the listen video that has gone viral in Malaysia's social media.