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Brickfields Asia College (BAC) IACT College Female Student Sexual Harassment Rape Joke Incident

Atilla Hanna:
Here's a conclusion of the 'rape joke' incident as well as what happened to me #13reasonswhy (ok jk). Let's drop the topic already okay guys. I wrote this because I felt like closure was needed for all of us who got emotionally involved (dont mind my spelling ok). Thank you for the overwhelming support although I wish things turned out differently.

But don't get me wrong, IACT did the best they can, it isnt their fault. This just showed how bad Brickfields Asia College (BAC) & IACT College management in handling sexual harassment case reported - no disciplinary action on the harasser at first before the case went viral on social media. The official statement below adds to the incompetency of Brickfields Asia College (BAC) & IACT College - lots of excuses on mishandling of the case. Do not send your kids or enrol yourselves in such education institutions that are unsafe and high tolerance towards any form of harassment.
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But at Malaysia, us students can be quite manja (spoilt/pampered) because for the exams everything is given to us, and I feel like we don't really do a lot of thinking. I do appreciate the hardwork by my te…