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UKM Student Dies After Falling Into Ravine While Climbing Bukit Tabur Trek (Video)

Meanwhile, Fakrul Nizam Tahar, who was beside Soleha before she slipped and fell, said: "Soleha took a wrong step and could not grab a boulder while descending. She tripped and fell into the ravine."

"I saw this happen before my own eyes but could not do anything because we ourselves had to grab small boulders there to prevent ourselves from tripping and falling as well," he said when met at the hospital mortuary.

He added that before that, one of members of the team had advised her to hold on to boulders in climbing down because she was not keeping herself in the right position.

"When she tried to right herself to grab a boulder, she slipped and fell right away," he said, adding that the team members immediately called for help the Fire and Rescue Department for help.

This is the second incident of a climber falling into a ravine at the hill this month.

On Jan 5, Noor Hasmahani Hashim, 28, from Kampung Baru here, injured her back after falling into a 10-metre deep ravine while on a trek alone at the same hill.
Hiking can be dangerous. Be extra mindful when you do your climbing, especially in the dark to catch the sunrise like hiking Broga hill for example.