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SJKC Khai Meng Students Forced to Wear Bells & Treated Like Cows by a Teacher

Yarnis Kasuma Dewi, mother of Mohd Izat Iqbal made police report / Pic Credit
The Star Online:
SUNGKAI: Two Year Four pupils from SJKC Khai Meng are claiming that they were made to wear bells around their necks like cows by a teacher for not doing their homework.

Their parents claimed that the teacher had also asked them to pull grass from the field and asked the boys to eat it on Thursday. [...]

“He had caned the boys twice each before that but chose to humiliate them by making them wear bells around their necks and calling them cows in front of the class.

“If that was not bad enough, he took pictures of them on his mobile phone and threatened to post them on Facebook before asking the boys to eat grass or get another 10 strokes of the rotan," Muktasim told reporters here Saturday.

He alleged that although the boys were spared from eating the grass without being caned, their pictures were shown to pupils in other classes.

Muktasim claimed the teacher was also unfair as he had let off two other pupils who had not handed in their homework.
The teacher at this Chinese primary school has definitely gone overboard. Why choose to be a teacher when you are not kind, loving and patient enough with kids? Apology to their parents does not mean anything to the students anymore. He should take full responsibility by resigning and leaving the teaching/education industry forever.