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Applying Google AdSense as Malaysian Publisher

Since information regarding AdSense application for Malaysian publishers is very limited, here are some points that are useful to know if you are applying AdSense account for the first time in Malaysia

Malaysia Google AdSense Application Tips

  1. Firstly, you need a Google account. If you have a Gmail account, YouTube account, Google Docs/Spreadsheet account, Blogger account, Google Plus account etc then you already have a Google account.

    If not, just sign up a new Google account.

    After that, sign in to for the first time and you will be directed to the application page.
  2. You will need to submit your full name, your website URL, your contact details like home address and phone number for your application.

    Make sure you submit your full name as per your IC or your bank account because you can't change your name later.

    Also, the address must be correct in order to receive the one-time PIN number mailed by AdSense to your house via postal mail.

    As for the website URL, the easiest way to get accepted if you do not have your own .com website is to create a free blog using and submit the URL as your website. Also, make sure there are some content (posts) and it exists for at least six months prior to your AdSense application.
  3. AdSense team works Monday to Friday US time. You will receive your application result in less than one day if you submit during workday (not weekend) usually around 8AM to 9AM in Kuala Lumpur time. So make sure you check your email the next morning.
  4. Once you get accepted (you will receive an email entitled 'Google AdSense has reviewed your application'), you will need to agree the terms and conditions before you can start to create your first AdSense ad banner or ad link.
    Your application has been successfully reviewed. Now you need to create your first ad unit and place the ad code on to fully activate your account. Note that before your account is fully activated, only blank ads will appear on your pages. Once your account is fully activated, you’ll receive a confirmation email and begin to see live ads. Please don't click on your live ads, even to test them -- doing so isn't permitted by the AdSense program policies.
    Here are some of the key principles of the AdSense Program Policies:
    Publishers may not click on their own ads or encourage others to do so.

    Publishers may not place ads on sites that include incentives to users to click on ads or format their sites to mislead users into clicking on ads.

    Publishers may not place ads on sites that display adult content, including pornography.

    Publishers may not place ads on sites with content protected by copyright unless they have the legal right to do so.

    Publishers may not sign up for an AdSense account if they have an account already.

    Google may terminate a publisher's use of the AdSense service, including for invalid clicks or impressions or other violations of the Program Policies. In the event of termination, Google will withhold unpaid revenue and make its best effort to return all unpaid revenue, including Google's share, to affected advertisers.
  5. Create your first ad and after a couple of hours your account will be fully activated.
    Your account is getting reviewed. Help us finish the review by setting up ads on your site.

    Click the button below and you'll be guided through these last required steps:
    1. Create a new ad unit
    2. Place the ad code on your website

    While your account is under review, we'll only serve blank ads on your site. After the review is complete, you'll receive an email from us. If your application is successful, we'll start serving real ads on your site.
  6. You will receive the following email once your account is activated and starts to display ads (instead of black ads).
    Email title: Your Google AdSense account has been fully activated Email content: Congratulations!

    Your AdSense account is now fully activated. Within a few hours you’ll begin to see live, relevant ads, and can start earning money from your online content. In the meantime, get started with a few payment setup steps so you’ll be ready to receive your first payment later.

    Here are some important notes:
    * Please don't click on your ads, even to test them -- doing so isn't permitted by the AdSense program policies. If you do want to view more details about your ads, you can use the Google Publisher Toolbar.
    * By following our AdSense policies, you help protect the interests of users, advertisers, and publishers. If we notice violations, we’ll notify you by email and list them on your account’s policy violations page. In some cases, we may even stop serving ads to your pages or disable your account. Learn more.
    * You can add the AdSense code to any new page or site that complies with our program policies at any time. There's no need to inform us or apply for a new account when you do.

    We highly recommend that you take full advantage of the Your guide to AdSense, which we’ve created to help you get the most out of AdSense. Also, be sure to follow our AdSense Google+ page where you can get product updates, great tips and other AdSense news.

    Thanks for joining and welcome to AdSense.

    The Google AdSense Team
  7. Don't worry when you see the warning message "Your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address." Once you earn USD$10 for the first time, you will receive the PIN code by postal mail to verify your address. Wait at least FOUR weeks for the PIN code to arrive in your postal mailbox all the way from USA. For us, it took exactly four weeks to arrive. Do not request for a new PIN code before four weeks otherwise you will need to wait another few weeks for the new PIN code to arrive because once you request for new PIN code, the old PIN code will no longer work even if it arrives say on the fourth week.
    Congratulations! Your earnings have reached the verification threshold, so we've started the process of verifying your account. This will prepare you to receive your first payment once you've earned the payment threshold.

    To verify your account we automatically generate and mail a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to the payment address listed in your account. Once you receive your PIN, you'll need to enter it at the bottom of this page. In the meantime, your account remains active and you may continue to show ads and accrue earnings.

    Please note that if your PIN is entered incorrectly three times, ad serving and account access will be suspended.
  8. The last step is to set the payment method. However, you might not be able to do this immediately after you confirm your PIN because the system will take some time before you are allowed to choose a valid form of payment after you verify your PIN. Try to do it the next day after you confirm your PIN if it is still not available. If you are able to choose a payment method, under Payment settings tab, click + Add a new payment method, enter your bank details, tick Set this payment method as Primary and click Save.
    Bank account verification

    Your Bank account needs to be verified before it can be used. Here's how:

    1. In 2-3 days, check your bank account for a deposit.
    Google will make a deposit in the next 2-3 business days.

    2. Note the deposit amount.
    Come back and enter the amount of deposit to verify your bank account.