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Malaysian Students Exploited by PappaRich in Sydney Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald:
International students are being exploited in workplaces across Sydney, paid as little as $8 an hour by employers who take advantage of their desperate need for work.

The underpayments, well below the legal entitlement, are pushing many to break visa restrictions that limit their work to 40 hours a fortnight, putting the students at risk of deportation.

Fairfax Media visited an English language school in the city this week where more than 50 international students said they were being paid below the minimum wage of $16.87 an hour.

At least a dozen of those students claimed they received $10 an hour in cash at Chinese, Thai, Korean and Turkish restaurants in suburbs including Gladesville, Marrickville, Haymarket and Chatswood.
Malaysians students exploited in Sydney Australia
Malaysian student, Wan, 25, claimed to be exploited (underpaid) by PappaRich Malaysian restaurant in Australia / SMH
Many Malaysians imagine that studying overseas like Australia is a wonderful thing but less people understand the bad side of being an international student studying in a foreign country especially if one is not under any scholarship and has to work to support his/her studies. This report provides a glimpse to the true story of what many of the international students including Malaysian students are currently experiencing in Sydney, Australia.

In the same report, Malaysian students Wan and Michelle claimed to be underpaid by PappaRich Malaysian restaurant in Broadway. If this is indeed true, PappaRich Malaysian restaurant is really disgusting for exploiting Malaysian students and everyone should boycott PappaRich Broadway.