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Rumour of New SPM English 1119 Format is Simply Not True

Final preparation for SPM English 1119 next week: 46 Good SPM English Model Essays

While the SPM English exam is approaching, rumour of new format flies around social media. This is simply baseless and not accurate. This is not official, most likely was the internal marking schema used by a school which got its way to the social media. Please double confirm with your SPM English teacher. Please do not worry much about the below:
Paper 1
A. Directed Writing

  • NO marks for Format (we used to have 1-2 marks for Format before this) 
  • NO / MINIMAL marks for simply rewriting the given points. Students MUST add their own ideas.
  • MORE emphasis on Grammar, especially for Formal Letter

B. Continuous Writing

  • Students NEED to write more than 350 words (any lesser, it will affect students' marks) 
  • Elaboration of ideas is also a must
  • NO more Beginning @ Ending stories
    (Rationale: It's been found that some schools did not teach their students to write, but forced the students to memorise sample essays to be churned out during the exam.)
    • Example of Questions
      • An old man returning home for the 1st time in 20 years
      • Two women are quarelling
      • There is a water spilt on the floor
        (Write a story based on the settings given above) <- Similar to 2003 SPM 1119/1
  • There will be 2 Descriptive essays
  • 1 Narrative essay
  • NO more 1 word title but 2 words instead.
    e.g. Happiness -> The Happiness
           Love -> Ultimate Love

Paper 2
Section B: Information Transfer

  • Wrong spelling, NO marks (punctuation, especially the apostrophe because it could change the meaning)
  • Remind our students to make sure that their handwriting is readable by the examiner. May cause lose of marks.

Section C: Reading Comprehension

  • No more 'from Paragraph 1, From Paragraph 2...'
  • Students may answer in short sentences to save time.


  • Students MUST rewrite the 10 given words.
  • Students MUST also count their word. Failing to do so, marks will be deducted.
  • ALWAYS write in 1 paragraph only.

Hope this is helpful to you. It's undeniably too late, especially for our weak students. Nevertheless, let's just do whatever is possible to help them in these 2 days. Godspeed everyone!
SPM English 1119 Marking Guidelines
SPM English 1119 Marking Guidelines