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USM Pharmacy Student Found Dead in a Drain Near Desasiswa Restu hostel

Students want USM to explain death in campus / PicCredit
An independent student movement, the Student Progressive Front, said this when referring to the case of John Yip, 23, a Pharmacy Science student who was found dead in a drain near the Desasiswa Restu hostel yesterday.[...]

The group also claimed that there had been two earlier deaths in the campus which the management did not announce, but this could not be independently verified.[...]

Ismail said the initial police probe showed that the CCTV camera located near the site was “non-functional”, while students questioned around the hostel claimed they did not know the deceased.
Many students are spreading all kind of speculation, about the dangers faced in the university campus such as murderer/rapist/kidnapper due to easy access for genera; public, safety hazards like uncovered drain etc. We all demand a thorough investigation and timely report as "delays in sharing information gave rise to rumours and speculation flying around, causing more worries among the students".