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Book: University of Malaya 1949-1985: Its Establishment, Growth and Development

University of Malaya (UM)
University of Malaya (UM) set history in motion when its chairman, Tan Sri Arshad Ayub, launched a book on its historical chronology here Wednesday.

The book, 'University of Malaya 1949-1985: Its Establishment, Growth and Development', is based on past records, personal observation and recollection of its former registrar, Lim Chung Tat.[...]

Arshad said: "We are thankful and appreciate Lim's work because by knowing our history, we will be able to understand the present and prepare for a better future."

During the book launch at the university campus in Petaling Jaya Wednesday, Arshad praised Lim's dedication in writting the book despite his disabilities.

"His lack of hearing, eye sight and limited ability to type did not stop him from writing the book and sharing his experience with the younger generation," he said.

Meanwhile, Lim, 83, said the 465-page book was written to give recognition to those who had contributed to the development of the prestigious university.
It is amusing that such a book will be recognized and promoted because UM always shamelessly proclaims its roots in Singapore with the establishment of King Edward VII College of Medicine in 1905. And not to forget its previous tagline "Producing Leaders Since 1905".